About Crowdfunders (CF)

Crowdfunders is Asia’s No. 1 Crowdfunding Magazine. Our aim is to educate our readers on the essence of Crowdfunding. We cover news and commentaries beyond the property segment to include other types of crowdfunding – such as product-, donation-, equity-crowdfunding as well as peer-to-peer lending news.

About Crowdfunders Life(CFL) 

In May 2015, inspire by the success of CrowdFunders Asia (CF), we will be launching CrowdFunders Life (CFL). CrowdFunders Life is a refreshing new magazine that celebrates all things crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a burgeoning new field that has recorded many success stories and yet immense in untapped potential. Trouble is, crowdfunding is not readily understood.  Crowdfunding, or raising funds for products and projects via the Internet, i already changing how we work, live and play. The vision of CFL is to open readers up to a whole new world that this latest Internet phenomenon have to offer.  Apart from essence of crowdfunding, CFL aims to educate our readers with other financial enriched content the lifestyle way. With a monthly circulation of 20,000 copies, CFL will be distributed in the Central Business District(CBD), Mass Rapid Transit(MRT) stations, and many other prime locations,  targeting PMEBs and business owners. And it is absolutely FREE!  With this, we aim to broaden our reach to even more readers who are keen to know about crowd funding and financial wealth! Together with our digital copy of CF and CFL, our total readership will be about 100,000.

Who reads Crowdfunders Life(CFL)

Crowdfunders Life readers are affluent, young urban consumers with a keen sense of adventure. Due to their success in career and business, they have spending power to try new products and experiences and can afford the best in class in sports, hobbies and travel.


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