8 Negotiation Tips to strike a good property deal

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For first-time home buyers, one common trap you fall into is rushing into a deal without negotiating for fear of missing the boat e.g. that someone else would snap it up before them. This is a tactic that some property agents play to close a deal quickly.

These days, people do not haggle over price anymore and the art of negotiation may seem to be at risk of dying out. Have Singaporeans gradually lost their personal mastery in the art of negotiating?

To regain the mastery in the art of negotiating, here are the 8 tips for Singapore home buyers to get good deal.

  1. Aim for win-win outcome
  2. Listen
  3. Do Your Research
  4. Be Fair
  5. Be Genuine
  6. Be Prepared
  7. Hold Your Cards Close to Your Chest
  8. Communicate Clearly

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