The New Game Changers of the Hiring Philosophy

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CoAssets‘s Chief Operations Officer, Lawrence Lim is being featured in CIO Outlook Magazine: Special Edition on HR Technology. He shares his views of Overcoming recruitment challenges.


In the recent years, Singapore has seen a continuous increase in start-up companies. According to the annual Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking of 2017, Singapore ranked first in the talent category, beating Silicon Valley. This ranking came as no surprise seeing how most Singaporean start-ups would compare growing their company to raising a newborn – providing sufficient nurture and nourishment for its growth.

What is the secret recipe of success?

Having a great working environment is integral

Local start-ups, compared to their MNCs counterparts, are required to invest more time and efforts in educating employees and potential hires on the benefits of working in start-ups. One of the key game changers is to highlight their distinct company culture in contrast to MNCs’.


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