Taiwan’s ITI ASEAN Student Club visits CoAssets

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CoAssets warmly welcomes the students of Taiwan’s ITI ASEAN Student Club on 29th of March, 2017. The visit’s objective is to educate the students about the crowdfunding industry and culture in Singapore. As crowdfunding is rare in Taiwan, the students have broadened their horizons of this niche industry and learned how CoAssets operates. CoAssets have shared generously about their unique business model and ways to strategize towards achieving milestones. The Taiwanese students have an average of 2 years of work experience and came from a diverse background ranging from International Business, Linguistics to Electrical Engineering. The students hope to share with their peers back home about their experiences on this sunny island; of its diverse multiculturalism and local delicacies and of course, Crowdfunding. CoAssets had a pleasant time hosting the students and hope to see them again in the future.
To watch the full interview, please visit s.coassets.com/AIb


Did you enjoy the company tour? How do you find this event?

As this is our first visit to a Singapore Startup, we felt that this tour is very complete. Through each department’s presentation, we understand better how CoAssets operates. We are also delighted to learn about this unique business model which is not common in Taiwan. We also wish CoAssets to progress towards greater heights. We are very grateful for the CoAssets staff as they’ve meticulously prepared today’s visit for us and help us understand this industry better. As Crowdfunding is rare in Taiwan, this visit has helped us broadened our horizon. We hope to see such related companies in Taiwan so we can understand them better. Thank you.

Prior to this visit, have you heard/known of crowdfunding? Your impression of CoAssets?

Firstly, we are deeply grateful to CoAssets for giving us this opportunity to visit them because we are not very well read in Crowdfunding. We are very happy to learn about Crowdfunding here, and knowing CoAssets as a trustable brand for investors and opportunity providers (SMEs, real estate etc.). We’ve learned how an investor looks out and invest in a stable project and how an OP markets its product to attract investors. So today we understand better on how this business works. Prior to this, we’ve only known that crowdfunding is for small or new products. After today, we have come to realize that you can crowdfund a big project, which is the most valuable knowledge that we’ve learned from CoAssets today. I also agree that this is an interesting and unique business model, and hope CoAssets continues to expand.

What is your biggest takeaway from this event?

We are ever grateful for this opportunity to visit CoAssets. After today, I’ve learned so much about Crowdfunding, how CoAssets helps OP and investors to reach their goal, and also ways to evaluate a product or business model. To add to what Bella said, I would like to reiterate that we are pleased to visit CoAssets and learn more about how this Crowdfunding platform operates. My deepest impression is how the CAT token works in a bitcoin stimulation that helps an investor understand a project better and also helps boost their confidence and knowledge in the CoAssets Crowdfunding platform. Another important point that was mentioned in the presentation was a quote that goes, “Business is about people. How you treat your partners, will illustrate how you treat your staff, and eventually how your business treats the customers.” This is applicable to any industry or business and can help improve communication. This is also the biggest takeaway from today. Thank you.


For more information, visit www.coassets.com

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