Crowdfunding Your Way Into The Crowd

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Crowdfunding is heavily reliant on getting a lot of people interested enough in your project that they put in money to help you succeed. They can either relate to a problem you are having and donate any amount they have or believe in the product you are carrying and want to put in their seal of approval through a donation. There are also those that want to invest in your business and puts in an amount that serves as an equity on the business.

There are a lot of reasons people put in money into your campaign but even before you get there, you need to understand how you are going to get your campaign out there. Of course, once the project is up and running, you can use social media to make family, friends, and acquaintances aware that you are running an online social funding campaign.

That can give you a good start as normally, those that are closest to you tend to put in money because of your relationship with them. But the further along you go, people tend to be more cautious with their money. It gets harder to convince people you do not even know to put in funds into your online crowdfunding campaign.

Getting through to the crowd

If you are having a hard time breaking out of your inner circle and connecting with the crowd outside your family and friends, here are a few things to look into that can help you propel your project across.

  • Talk to big groups. At this point, you need to have a clear understanding of what industry you belong to or at least your campaign. Do you carry a product that appeals to sports or with the corporate world? Once you have that pinned down, it is a good idea to research and get in touch with trusted organizations within the industry you are working in to get their thoughts on your project. This is something you can do at the planning stage of your campaign as it gets them involved in the process. As you launch, you can work with them to get to present to members of the industry. 
  • Reach out to industry movers and shakers. There are people within your industry that have achieved some level of popularity for a number of reasons. They might be the pioneers and commands a high level of respect among peers or they have made significant contributions to the industry with their talent and skill. It is a good idea to try and get an audience with these people and present your project. Once they agree to it and find your campaign helpful for the industry, it just opens up a lot of doors for you in terms of connection, network and even publicity. 
  • Get endorsements from experts. There are trusted experts in your field as well and they may be individual people or groups that guard the integrity of the industry you belong to. It would be to your advantage to reach out and get their opinion with regards to your project. But you need to be prepared because these people will most likely not sugarcoat anything. If they find your project is relevant and can be used to advance the industry then you get a nod. But if not then you might need to go back to the drawing board. With this, it is again ideal to involve them around your planning stage to get valuable inputs as you go along. Their endorsement will go a long way in establishing your credibility and the viability of the campaign you are running.


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