4 Ways To Jumpstart Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Project initiators who are managing a crowdfunding campaign would be quick to point out that launching a project and managing it are two completely different scenarios. Preparing the campaign proposal and getting all the products, services, documents and other business-related necessities in order falls into the preparation stage.

This is challenging because you want to put out a viable and exciting project out there for people to support. As you launch your project, your focus now shifts to a different priority. Managing the project and ensuring that it reaches its target amount is your next step. This is a lot different from all the preparations you had to take to launch the project.

Managing a campaign would be the equivalent of the tremendous amount of footwork you had to do in the past when you had to meet a lot of people, talk to them and present your project and convince them to put their money into it. It is a lot easier now because you can simply reach out to them using your computer but that efficiency does not negate the need for hard work.

Jumpstart your crowdfunding campaign

As soon as you launch and you hit a roadblock or plateau on your progress, it is quite hard to restart and look for ways to reinvigorate the campaign. Here are a few ideas you might want to look at and see if it can help you rev up your project.

  • Review your proposal. You need to review your proposal not only to spot errors and things that you can improve on. You need to go through it wearing multiple hats – as a project initiator to spot errors and inconsistencies and as an investor to see if it is exciting enough for you to click on through and read about it. You might want to simply change the headline, title or first few paragraphs of your copy or add a great visual at the beginning to get investors interested.

  • Fine tune your messaging. When tweaking and making changes on your copy, be consistent with your message. You need to remember that inconsistencies in your project could cost you investors down the line. Apart from reviewing, you might want to take on a minimalistic approach with the copy and stick to the basics. An easy read with all the important points is easier and faster to digest for most people.

  • Take advantage of social networking sites. There is a question on whether people could and should use their own personal social networking accounts to push a crowdfunding project. There are some who does while there are others that choose to create a profile dedicated to their campaign. The bottom line is that social networking works and it would be a good idea to take advantage of it.

  • Create the need. If you seem to be falling flat and not reaching and moving forward with your project, you might want to rethink your strategy. Look at how GoPro was able to break through a congested camera industry by creating the need first and introducing their product that fits that gap.


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