Valentine’s Day Celebration Can Help Crowdfunding In Understanding Market Timing

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Crowdfunding is starting to make waves in the financial industry as it begins to offer a much-needed shot in the arm for startups and even struggling business ideas. One of the earliest and hardest stages in business development is trying to raise the initial capital needed to put up the business. This can be used to buy equipment, supplies, and any other initial expenses to get the business up and running.

The platform rallies the support of the crowd and channels that enthusiasm into noteworthy projects to help to get started. But on the outside, people would think that managing a social funding seems to be pretty easy since they mostly see and even hear about the most successful ones. There are even times that some of the most popular campaigns overshoot their target funding by a wide margin.

But there are a lot of spadework that is put into a crowdfunding project and Valentine’s day, which is fast approaching can help project initiators plan their projects a little better. This has a lot to do with timing and making sure that they are able to maximize this market conditions and actually use it for their own advantage.

Timing a crowdfunding project with Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is one of the most special days in a year because it celebrates love which is one of the most powerful emotions on Earth. But there are a few things you can pick up with the occasion when you are trying to put a project together.

  • There are ways to time the market. Timing the market is an art and not an exact science. The stock market will teach you that there is no sure way to anticipate gains and losses on the economy. But there are occasions spread out over the course of the year that can help you time your project release. Valentine’s day is just one of the many occasions that you can already plot and prepare for in advance in the course of the year. There are sure holidays in the year that you can prepare for like Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving day, New Year and even Christmas. These special days in a year can be moving targets for your product release to help you maximize interest and market timing. Of course, your product or service needs to have some connection with the special day to make it more interesting.

  • People are willing to buy and/or invest. Take a look at people during special occasions like Valentine’s day, they are all willing to spend money and they have the financial capacity to do so. Regardless how the market perceives a slowdown, people are willing to spend for different purposes – it can be as a gift for a loved one or as a future investment for themselves. You just need to position your messaging to target these areas and get them to back up your project.

Crowdfunding can learn a thing or two from Valentine’s day and how people are all trying to buy gifts and small trinkets for their loved ones. There are special days in the year that this happens to make the market anticipation easier to plot out. It also goes to show that people are willing to buy and invest especially when there are special occasions.



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