Holiday Magic Can Help Crowdfunding Projects Get Backers

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Christmas happens once in a year unlike crowdfunding that is already present all year round. The season is a great time to catch up with old friends and solidify relationships with the new ones. Reach out to family members or welcome new addition to the family. It can be thanking the people that have been helping you all these years or starting to help someone else.

All these and more encompass what people typically refer to as the holiday magic where people are moved to do things they might not have thought about at any time of the year. This is why the holidays are an important fragment of society that most people cannot wait for it to come along. They are all excited and looking forward for the coming days.

Contrary to the holiday season, crowdfunding is a year long process and it is there long after the Christmas decorations are put down and the holiday songs in the mall are replaced with canned pipe music. This is why if project initiators managing a crowdfunding campaign can tap into and have an inkling of what the holiday magic is all about, they might be able to use it to run their projects.

Christmas spirit is in the air for social funding

As Christmas approaches, here are a few things that you would definitely relate it to that would benefit a crowdfunding project.

  • The season of giving. The Christmas season does a number on people and makes them give more to their family and friends. They find joy and contentment in giving gifts and other presents to make other people’s holidays a better one than before. This spirit of giving can spill over to crowdfunding projects for them to reach their goal. As it relies on the goodness and generosity of the backers as well as project efficiency, the holidays might just be what is needed to get a project over their funding goal.
  • Love is in the air. Love is hard to define in everyday life and even more difficult to quantitate in business operations. But this is a feeling like no other and once you fall in love with a person, you do everything in your power to make them happy. Crowdfunding offers people that chance to fall in love with multiple projects to support. But again, there is sometimes a mystique that is hard to put your finger on when you talk about falling in love with a project. It might be because of past experiences on why you think a certain campaign will do well in the future or you just know the initiators behind the project and trust them fully. Whatever it is, love is in the air this holiday season and it might be easier to catch it and use it for your crowdfunding project.
  • Compassion reigns supreme. This is most useful for those donation-based platforms where people who are down and almost out are reaching out to others for financial help. There are some homeless people who have been pulling out all the wrong cards in life or those who just lost their parents and in limbo on what to do in life. Compassion will mostly find its way into these people and crowdfunding then becomes a very powerful tool in helping to bring a glimmer of hope in the lives of those people in need. Of course, you need to be careful and weed out those who are just trying to get free lunch when they can very well work for it.


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