Rayn Lim Of Forex 100 Is Already Looking Forward To EPIC China 2017

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CoAssets has recently wrapped up another successful EPIC event and its first in China. EPIC China conference held in Fuzhou saw about 30,000 people converging for the three-day event to know more about property investment and crowdfunding. The expo also showcased about 80 exhibitors from various countries taking part in the event.

One of the participants in the expo was Mr Rayn Lim who is the founder of Forex100 Academy. Mr Lim founded his company with the desire to teach people, especially the Chinese about Forex trading. His education-driven company helps participants come out of his lessons armed with knowledge on how to trade in the foreign exchange market and how to analyze market movement.

Joining EPIC China

Mr Lim joined the event because he believed in the objective of the expo which was to expose the Chinese market to new ways of doing business. As the expo introduced how property investment and crowdfunding are starting to make a difference in the lives of a lot of startups, so does Mr Lim as he hopes people would see the potential in Forex trading.

However, Mr Lim does reiterate the need to be aware of what is happening around you to be able to gain some headway with Forex trading, Just like how the US dollar would be affected by the recent presidential elections where Mr Trump came out the winner. As a lot of people expect the value of US dollar to go down, Mr Lim reminds people to invest with their eyes focused on market certainty rather than hype.

The US is about to hit its debt ceiling yet again with a staggering amount of 20.1 trillion dollars by early next year. Mr Lim shares that it would be prudent to take note of the policies and steps the new government would be taking by then to address the issue before making investments.

Benefits of EPIC China

Mr Lim was very happy with the event as it allowed various parties to collaborate on investment opportunities. It also allowed the participants to learn something new in the area of financial management from industry leaders themselves. He himself was able to meet a lot of people who are into investments and he looks forward not only to establishing working opportunities with his new network but to attending another EPIC China event in 2017.


CCA_noshadow_blackoAssets has been at the forefront of promoting crowdfunding and advocating educational events to empower and inspire people and this is the main thrust of EPICSG2016. With this year’s theme of “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities,” the event aimed to bring investors, opportunity providers and start-ups together to discuss pertinent issues and subjects such as sustaining business growth, managing business life-cycle challenges and accessing about Crowdfunding in Asia, and how Crowdfunding can complement and add value to the entire finance ecosystem.

Epic logo only
EPIC is CoAssets’ marque conference series, which aims to connect investors with opportunity providers, as well as to provide a platform to discuss trends in finance, trade and fintech.CoAssets has successfully organised the inaugural EPIC China conference in Fuzhou. Held together with the 2016 Maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival from 12 to 14 November, the event saw more than 30,000 visitors and featured over 80 exhibitors which showcased services and products from China, Australia, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and Israel.




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