Famous quotes from the World of Crowdfunding

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Let us discuss quotes from 12 Crowdfunding Heroes championing the industry and what we infer from that:

1)   KHIERSTYN ROSS of CrowdfundingUncut

Quote: “If you launch your campaign with zero audience, you are launching to crickets.”

What we infer: An active Pre-launch marketing strategy is essential to attain ultimate crowdfunding success.

2)   ANDREW BELTRAN of Original Gain

Quote: “You have to be focused on the core product and what you are trying   to bring to the market.”

What we infer: It is important to work hard on your product. It should be out of the box with a lot of value invested into it. At the same time, it must appear attainable.

3)   ROY MOREJON of Command Partners

Quote: “Before you even start building your crowdfunding page, Start building a crowd first.

What we infer: Raise curiosity amongst the crowd about your product and project. Be ready with your lead investors before in hand.

4)   SALVADOR BRIGGMAN of Crowdfunding Expert

Quote: “Don’t just assume people will write about you, because you think your product is cool.

What we infer: Present your product/project with logic and reasoning. It is best to provide a prototype of your product. The idea is to explain to the people that the product is feasible.

5)   PAUL FARAGO of Ace Marks

Quote: “A Kickstarter campaign is not something you can just do; you must spend a lot of time planning.

What we infer: It is important to do the homework well and work industriously on each and every component of the campaign.

6)    PETER DERING of Peak Design

Quote: “Something we have done really well with our campaigns is that we are extremely transparent. We go to great lengths and to create and justify our designs.

What we infer: Convincing people would require enough of evidence. Therefore, campaigners must create the campaign tastefully to persuade the crowd.

7)    NAREK VARDANYAN of The Crowdfunding Formula

Quote: “Approaching your target audience from various sources and angels ensures high deliverability and engagement.”

What we infer: Leave no stone unturned. Advertise your campaign equally strongly on digital world as well as real world.

8)    MICHAEL RAVEN of Blazen PR

Quote: “Exceptional media coverage not only gains you not only early stage adopters but it also validates your products.

What we infer: A vast and massive PR helps in convincing the crowd throughout the lifecycle of the product from, that is from crowdfunding stage till it enters the mainstream market; and, even after that.

9)    MIHAIL KLENOV  of Half Bikes

Quote: “You must always be honest with your backers about what you do and why you do it.

What we infer: Talk your heart out with your prospective investors and discuss with them your short-term and long-term goals.

10)    CHRIS MUSCARELLA of Field Company

Quote: “Do you Homework. Trying to throw together a campaign in a few days and thinking that you will shoot the moon is highly unlikely.

What we infer: Campaigners should begin with spreading a word about their campaign well before in hand. Nothing less than a period of a 4-6 month before the ultimate launch.

11)   CLAY HEBERT of Fund Your Dream

Quote:  “The best campaigns I have worked with tell a specific story to a specific group of people.”

What we infer: Configure your kind of audience. Understand what they want and create your campaign while keeping their interest in the center.

12)    NIKOLAJ HVIID of Bragi

Quote: “Convey the magic of your project and why you are determined to deliver what you have promised.”

What we infer: Your campaign must display your passion for the project and your mission behind it.


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