Learn These 4 Crowdfunding Tips From Carnival Marketing

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Project initiators always keep an eye out for valuable tips they can learn which they can use in their crowdfunding projects. Contrary to popular belief that social funding is an easy way to raise money, it actually takes a lot of work to succeed in the platform. It just seems like an easy process with the way successful projects seems to be raking in all the funding.

Behind these campaigns are months of preparation and sleepless nights once the project is up and going. There are also a lot of marketing efforts that come into play to ensure that the campaign is on top of mind of people. The platform has been a big success that there are a lot of projects coming up every single day and keeping above the crowd is getting to be a bigger challenge as time passes by.

There are a lot of marketing tips and tricks and there is even a degree in higher education dedicated specifically for it. There are also a lot of post-graduate opportunities or even crash and certificate courses in marketing to help equip would-be practitioners. However, there are some practical tips that you can look into based on the things that you loved to do in the past just like going to carnivals and fairs.

Carnival marketing for crowdfunding

If you have ever been in one of those fairs or carnivals in school or in your community, here are a few things you can learn and take away from that experience which you can use in your social funding marketing.

  • Spreads through word of mouth. Carnivals in school and in small towns and communities are usually marketed through word of mouth. There are some flyers and posters around but you usually get to know about these things from people that you already know. The modern-day version of this is through your social media network. Friends, families and even acquaintances tag you on information about these events. The more you know the person, the higher the chances that you will be going. The same thing can be done with your crowdfunding campaign, you need to start with the people that know you. This can help you snowball your project onto other people or even in their own network.

  • Colorful and expectations of something different. These events usually highlight something you have not seen before which makes you go and watch. Your crowdfunding project should have the same concept as you need to present a new idea. You cannot just look at what everyone is doing and copy what is trending and exciting. You need to be able to put out something unique and different which people need and want to see.

  • Uses emotional marketing. Awe and wonder and surprise are some of the emotions that take over you when you hear that the carnival is in town with something new. These emotions usually make you line up and queue behind the ticket counter. In crowdfunding, you need to look at the same concept and leverage on the emotions from people. Making them feel excited about the project can elicit a specific reaction or if you can make them feel intrigued then they would want to know more. Using emotional marketing as a trigger can give you different reactions from people.

  • Travels from one town to the next. This is a concept that was widely popular in the old days as the carnival traveled from one town to another. You do not need to do the same by foot or train because you can use social media to perform the traveling for you. You can specifically target exact locations as you conduct your marketing online. However, you always need to remember that your response will only be as good as your product.




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