5 aspects of your campaign, often ignored, that crowd really cares about

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Crowdfunding is growing leaps and bounds. It indeed has become one of the most sought after tool for raising finance. Why not? After all, it is one of the most hassle-free ways to raise finance.

Neither you need to fill hundreds of forms, nor do you require collateral. All the more, just by uploading one proposal on a good crowdfunding campaign, you get to meet a whole crowd of investors. You are saved big time from chasing the investors. Success stories are queuing up.

Still, the success rate at Kickstarter remains to be 43.4%, and that of Indiegogo stands at a single digit, that is, 9.8% only.

That implies, though the campaigners are working hard on the pre-launch and launch of their campaign, still, they are missing out on some of the crucial facets of their campaign. Chances are, if these aspects are duly emphasized on, it will help you earn more support from the masses.

Five aspects of your campaign that will help you convince the crowd

Your Team and You

Crowd wants to know about you. Who are you and what are your past experiences and accomplishments. After that, it is the turn of your teammates. People want to know about those who are associated with the project; about their credibility and capability. Knowing about your team and you instills confidence in the masses.


It is important to tell the masses about your vision and what you want to achieve ultimately. People like to associate with leaders who can foresee what has to come yet. Therefore, do mention in your campaign all the details about what are the possible outcomes of your project in the future. It makes the crowd feel that they are getting into a long-term association and hence feel safe.


Tell a compelling story, and you will win your campaign. That is what most of the campaigners believe. However, the missing aspect here is, if you have adequately explained the primary subject of the whole story; the product.  It is important to tell the audiences that you are crowdfunding for a sensible and feasible product. A saga well knit with ornamental language will do no good if the product does not make sense.


Another aspect of crowdfunding that is surrounded by a lot of ambiguities. Yes, the quality of video has to be great. But, at the end what is important is that your video is successfully conveying the crux of your project within the first 10 seconds. Believe it or not, sometimes a video of mere 2 minutes seems like an eternity, if not made well. Your video should be informative and engaging.


Your product may be good, so must be your team. However, lacking on sufficient networking is going to doom the whole crowdfunding process. You need a network that echoes your sentiments and is well informed about what and why of your project, even before it goes live on some crowdfunding portal. Faster money-spinning in the first few days of your campaign help you trend faster and grab the attention of others.


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