6 Traits of Millennials that is fueling the spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership

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Crowdfunding provides oxygen to budding entrepreneurs. That is an established fact. However, the another side of the coin is that thousands of entrepreneurs flocking on the crowdfunding portals indeed made this tool a success. Today, Crowdfunding is the ultimate choice for every ignited mind.

In this article, we will take a look at the reason behind such massive flush of entrepreneurs entering into the world of business. Apparently, we would discuss why so many millennials are turning to entrepreneurship and are willing to take up the challenge of making their own little empire. They are ok with failing, instead of not trying at all.

6 Traits of Millennials that is fuelling the spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership


Call them ‘Jack of all trades.’ It is not an uncommon sight in the business world these days that a designer is a content developer too and also doing the SEO. He might also be trying his hands into branding and digital marketing. On top of this, think of him taking up a course into Project Management as well. That is a millennial. A multi-tasker who denies saying no to any opportunity that challenges them.

Risk takers

These guys are above the fear of getting their financial security compromised. They are not in the game to achieve survival. They want to give their best and accomplish the most during their entire stint. Fear of losing their position, money, or even social acceptance does not deter them. If they are stricken by an idea, they make sure it is executed. Many of the millennials already have 3-4 startup experiences under their belt, even before they have reached their 30s.


The rule for them is ‘Work hard, Party harder.’ Most of the Millennials have 50+ hours of a work week. They are passionate and intense. In order to achieve their set goals, they are ready to work umpteen numbers of extra hours. The typical 9 to 5 office hours vanished long before. The new workforce is result oriented. Never lacking or failing on high performance.

They want to change the rules

The new generation questions whenever a set of rules is presented to them. On the first place, they deny working inside the frameworks. However, when they do, they want to tweak it; whenever and wherever possible. They have questions, and they need answers. They just deny following instructions blindly. So many times that makes them incapable of working in big organized corporate houses. Eventually, they land up at doing their own startups.

They want to be their bosses

The ineptness of millennials at taking orders from others, inspires them to become their bosses. However, this could be a bit too much of risk, in case the decision is taken at haste. Their usual thought process is, I will rather use my talent for myself than toiling for someone else.

They want a hockey stick Career Graph

Millennials today aspire to add a new ‘0’ at the end of their pay packages every another year. They seek for an uninterrupted career growth. Unlike the older generations, you will hardly find a millennial who is working at the same position happily for five years hoping for a promotion to come their way finally. For millennials, 5 years is as good as a lifetime.


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