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CoAssets-Logo-®Singapore – CoAssets limited (“CoAssets”), a Singapore crowdfunding platform, has successfully organised the inaugural EPIC China conference in Fuzhou. Held together with the 2016 Maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival from 12 to 14 November, the event saw more than 30,000 visitors.

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Mr Tsui Wing Hon, Director of Advisor’s Clique

“EPIC is a platform that allowed us to showcase what we can do in China. Through EPIC, we also saw many forms of investment options provided by the various exhibitors which we think the Chinese market will be very interested in. This is why we joined EPIC this year,” said Tsui Wing Hon, Director, Advisor’s Clique.

EPIC China featured over 80 exhibitors which showcased services and products from China, Australia, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and Israel. They include Verita Healthcare Group, Country Garden, Fujian Linca Zhonghe Commerce Co Ltd, and Farrer Park Hospital (Singapore), amongst others.

Rayn Lim, Founder, Forex100 Academy

Rayn Lim, Founder of Forex100 Academy

“The EPIC China event is in line with my company’s plans to re-enter the Chinese market and teach the Chinese how to trade the foreign exchange market. I got to meet a pool of people from different industries and found many working opportunities with them. I’m definitely looking forward to participate again next year,” Rayn Lim, Founder, Forex100 Academy.

As part of the programme, delegates also had the unique opportunity to visit the Fuzhou Free Trade City, China’s newest Free Trade Zone, as well as participate in industry spotlight discussions, talks and networking sessions. The event was organised in partnership with the Linca Group, with support from the Fuzhou district government.

epic-logo-only-tmEPIC is CoAssets’ marque conference series, which aims to connect investors with opportunity providers, as well as to provide a platform to discuss trends in finance, trade and fintech. Prior to EPIC China 2016, CoAssets has successfully held EPIC in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. CoAssets has been at the forefront of promoting crowdfunding and generating regional investment opportunities via its EPIC conference series. This is aligned with the Singapore Business Federation push for Singapore businesses to take the chance and venture overseas for better growth and survival. Furthermore, according to a recent DP Information survey, financing has emerged as a new cost challenge for SMEs.

CEO and Co-Founder of CoAssets, Mr Getty Goh said, “Given the current economic climate, it is not surprising that traditional finance institutions are more cautious about extending capital to SMEs. This can also be attributed to the higher risk involved. With the government’s continuous push for SMEs to expand abroad, we want SMEs to view the EPIC series as a credible platform that not only connects them with market opportunities in the region, but as an alternative source to receive funding.”

To date, the three-year-old company has already crowdfunded more than SGD48 million worth of deals from enterprises in 11 different countries.

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