5 reasons to keep your backers informed

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Crowd validated your idea. Supported you and made your campaign a success. Now you have the money to bring your project to life. It must be an exciting phase. You finally get the opportunity to bring things out from paper to reality.

Amidst all the excitement, planning, and execution, the thing that you must not overlook is doing a little communication with your backers. To them, you are a leader and a visionary with a plan in hand. They would like to hear from you now and then. Keep your relation with your backers lively and interactive. Keep them updated about the good, bad, and ugly. Confer the challenges. Discuss the strategies. In sum, include them in whatever you do, and it will bring a happy air about your project.

Here are some of the key reasons why it is best to keep your backers in the loop:

It makes the supporters feel confident about you

Backers are the people who have pledged their hard earned money on your dream. It is obvious that anyone who has invested in your campaign, even if it is just a few dollars, would like to stay informed about how is his/her money being used. Chances are if your backers do not hear from you for long they might get stressed out. You do not want your supporters to feel jittery about you and your campaign. A little bit of communication will do away with any such situation. Talk to them regularly. If they have questions, answer them. If they are worried, relieve them. A robust and confident backer community will boost your confidence in return too.

They become your staunch supporters (read: ambassadors)

When they backed your project, it is so because they trusted your project. A strong line of communication further strengthens the trust your supporters have in you, and that brings to you a big bunch of brand ambassadors in the form of fans. Give them a reason to like you, and they will praise you and stand by you rock solid. You will get loads of positive PR without spending a penny on that.

You might get a valuable suggestion

Working on a project from scratch would demand too much from you. There would be times when you are at your wit’s end. These are the situations when an informed backer community can help you with great suggestions and opinions. That will help you pave the path further. Apparently, you can not expect this from backers who are clueless about the project and what is happening inside it.

It is easy to run a survey when in doubt

If you are bombarded with multiple solutions, you can always approach your closest allies. With that, I mean your backers. You can run a survey amongst your backers and their close circles to get some valuable data that can help you infer a conclusion that makes sense. Instead of running a random survey that will get you very general results, you will get to do the survey with people who are aware of the project and can give you a more specific answer.

Half the battle is already won for your future crowdfunding endeavors

A backer’s community that trusts you will not give a second thought before shelling out a few dollars for your future projects. Your line of lead investors for your future endeavors is already ready. Isn’t that great!


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