When Love And Lunch Collide

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There are a lot of people who would be quick to point out that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but one company just turned things around and made lunch much more important. The first meal of the day is crucial to get you going all throughout your activities for the whole day giving you all the vitamins and nutrients you need. However, lunch seems to be better for the heart.

In a fast moving world where work seems to take up most of our time, people usually do not have enough energy left to devote to their love life. It seems to be a petty topic that professionals would just rather spend time at work and with their usual set of friends. This is where Lunch Actually Group comes in and transforms your whole lunching experience.

CoAssets caught up with co-founder and the chief executive officer of  The Lunch Actually Group , Ms Violet Lim to talk about the company and how she was able to come up with the idea of a dating and matchmaking service that is centered over lunch. She also explained how the industry has changed over time from the moment they launched the service to how it is at present.

Starting the Lunch Actually Group

Ms Lim was armed with a law degree and a masters in Human Resources happily working in the banking industry when she became aware of her colleague’s challenges with their love affairs. One one side, her co-workers were busy with their careers and did not have a love interest to speak of. On the other hand, her friends who found love early on in school or in universities are either getting engaged or getting married.

This is where Ms Lim, together with her then boyfriend and now husband Jamie decided to set up a dating service that is done over lunch. The reason behind the odd time for a date is because, from her own observations, people rarely miss a lunch period because it serves as their mid-day break and is a great time to meet someone.


Launching an all around business

Ms Lim was quick to point out that one of their early struggles in the business was when they found out that there were more women than men in offline dating. However, when they offered LunchClick – their mobile dating app, there were more men than women. What the couple did was to combine the two to balance it out and even added Lunch Actually Academy. This was aimed at helping singles be a better version of themselves.

For a company that now has business interests not only in Singapore but in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand, Ms Lim notes how the industry has changed over time. As they have been around for about 12 years, she recounts how matchmaking was a taboo topic in the past which had a stigma attached to it and people were ashamed about it. However, advancements in technology and social acceptance has changed all that and people are more open to the idea of a dating service.

Ms Lim is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet as she still remembers how the combination of hawker food at the seaside tops her list of most romantic dates. But she takes on an avant-garde approach in business as she believes in what Steve Jobs once said that “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” This is one of the reasons why lunch and love are now a romantic combination.


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