5 reasons marketing strategy for crowdfunding should be different than corporate marketing

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Marketing is required for selling. Crowdfunding is all about convincing.

First and foremost blunder most of the campaigners often do is by mistaking a crowdfunding campaign as a sales campaign. It is not. Crowdfunding is more about emotions than thoughts. Your campaign should be designed to make the crowd feel and not simply think.

Don’t forget, when people pour down their small savings, sometimes as little as $25, it is not because they are expecting something outstanding happening out of it that will change their fortunes. It is because they could connect with your cause.

Also, so many times people pay unreasonably high prices for trendy gadgets; not because they want to be the first amongst their friends to get a grab on that latest watch. It is so because they want to experience the latest innovations and discoveries in technology. Crowdfunding, be it for a cause or a cool gadget, is more experience-driven than RoI-driven.

Key Differences between regular marketing and marketing a campaign


People are curious to know about the story more than the advantages

To the backer’s community, the scene behind the project will attract much more than the benefits and features of the product. Of course, the product has to be sensible, feasible and viable. I would never undermine the significance of the benefits one can derive out of the product. However, it is the story part that will turn more heads towards your campaign than the product itself.

Passion is important than the qualification

Your passion and love for your cause/product/service should be vividly visible from your campaign. The crowd doesn’t care if you are an MBA or an Ex-CEO of some big firm.They would like to know if you have invested your heart and soul into it. Your campaign must display your determination and obsession. 

People want to know your vision, not your strategy

People looking to crowdfund are interested in your vision. They are curious about what you hope to achieve at the end. Though your short-term and long-term goals are essential, they would bet their hard-earned saving on a stranger only if they can relate to your vision and approve of it.

Their idea is to help

Most of the active backer’s community out there is there to help. They want to make a difference. All the more, for many, crowdfunding is one of the natural ways through which they can propel innovations and donate for a noble cause. Your campaign should invoke an urge inside them to champion your cause.

Different doesn’t impress the crowd; unique does

If your product is ‘just different,’ think again. The crowd is not looking for same stuff packed differently. They are looking for uniqueness. Your creativity must impress them. Nonetheless, they are looking for a product that can help make the world a better place.



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