In Talks with Mr. Steve Feiner, CEO and Founder of A Better Florist

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Next time, when you are at your wits end contemplating how to delight your favourite people. Grab some flowers. They can make anyone smile. Instantly.

With A Better Florist, you can send an arrangement of fresh flowers to anyone with just a few clicks. And, the handcrafted flowers would reach its destination within an hour or two.

We spoke to the man behind this beautiful business, Mr. Steve Feiner. Here is what he discussed with us:

The Man

Steve Feiner is the CEO and founder of A Better Florist; and also an Ex-Googler. He told us that his job in consulting made him better at problem-solving, which he used later while trying to establish his firm.  After all, a startup is all about nebulous problem solving. Besides, you never have a shortage of them.

When asked what success means to him, the A Better Florist CEO said, “In my business, I get to make people smile. So, success is making a lot of people smile.”

The Story

Steve once sent flowers to a girlfriend. However, it did not reach her. And when it did, the flowers were in an awfully devastated condition. Therefore instead of making his girlfriend happy, his gift totally pissed her off.

Later, he found out that many people in his close circle have faced similar unfortunate experiences. The problem kind of got stuck to Steve, and he decided to fix it and that is how A Better Florist came to life.


What makes A Better Florist ‘The best’

Steve agrees that there is no dearth of Florists in and around. However, in the flower business, the biggest pain-point is the coiled supply chain. Typically the flowers exchange hands approximately 4-6 times before it reaches the final destination. That hampers the quality and freshness of flowers and all the more, make the whole process expensive.

A Better Florist simplifies the supply chain. That makes flowers more affordable and when they reach to the hands of the one for whom they are meant; they are fresh.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

Steve declared that doing a startup is ‘40 times’ harder than what one thinks. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, “Don’t do it unless you are obsessed with the problem you are solving. It is so much harder than you think it is. So please tamper your blind optimism with realism.”

The Quote Steve Feiner lives by

Kennedy, one of Steve’s ally, once said, “It’s a great day to be alive and don’t you forget it.” UnfortunatelyKennedy died in a fire. But his words will stay alive with Steve.


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