When startups start to build their world without a candid vision

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There is a startup in making in every nook and corner these days. However, only a few make it to the top. One of the biggest reasons many enterprises do not even see their first birthday is that they lack vision.

The sad fact is if you have no vision, you are probably shooting arrows in dark. You are channelizing your energy in all directions with no clear focus.

Wondering what exactly a vision is?

It is not a yet another dream or wish. Neither is it an award or recognition, or a materialistic goal for that matter. It is much more concrete. It must come straight from your heart. That means it is not going to simply pop-up from a brainstorming session or a hard-hitting discussion. Indeed, it cultivates insides you; through your life experiences.

Here are a few crucial facets of a strong vision

It is not just a statement

At times, people consider it as just a one-liner. Something, which is unreasonable and hardly brings any return. Vision is much more than a statement. It is that positive feature of your persona, which streamlines your actions towards achieving the ultimate milestone of your life. Clarity in vision helps you prioritize your efforts. It guides you and encourages you to use all your resources to the optimum in the correct direction. Save for, a clear vision is the greatest motivator ever. Vision is that lighthouse, which guides you and your organization through the darkest times.

It is not your long-term goal

People usually confuse their visions with their long-term goals. Nonetheless, it is no goal, but the ultimate purpose of your life. Your vision must cover your aspirations while keeping your ideals intact. It must reflect your values and beliefs. It should echo your definition of the idyllic end-state and the legacy you leave there after.

Vision won’t pop out in a spur of the moment

Forging a vision that can bring one and all on the same page demands a great deal of discipline, analysis, deep thinking, sincere computing, and intuition. It requires keen observance of the markets and the opportunities emerging out of it. You should be proactive in actions and a pro-thinker in thoughts;, very sensitive, and a true change-maker for good.

Your vision may change

No, your vision is not set in stone. After all, nothing remains constant. Your vision too will mature with you. Challenges and opportunities that come across in your life will bring enhancements and modification to your vision.

Your team shares your vision

A vision that is candid, easy-to-understand, rational and feasible will automatically affect your teammates, employees and all the other stakeholders of your organization. That includes your investors, customers, associates, peers in the industry, family, friends, as well as, the local and state authorities.

Vision is not just a beautiful imagination of future

A vision is much more than an imagination or a picture of future. It is an element that keeps you on toes. A visionary can foresee what is yet to come and keeps his enterprise future-ready. A clear vision unifies the team and buys their commitment. All the more, it motivates them through the roller coaster ride. It defines the context and the objective of your enterprise.



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