Taking A Page Out Of The Zika Virus Breakout Lessons For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Crowdfunding is seen as an enabler by a lot of people and this is even true at times of global medical issues. The Zika virus is at present one of the biggest problems facing the world where unborn babies are most at risk. Pregnant women afflicted with the virus usually give birth to children with microcephaly. This can cause delays in growth, speech, and even movement as well as mental retardation.

The World Health Organization considers this an international public health emergency as it spreads from countries in the West hemisphere all the way to Southeast Asia. There are already countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam who has confirmed reports of active transmissions of the virus.

The problem with the virus is that it has mild symptoms such as fever and rashes and a few muscle and joint pains. Governments and other international organizations are all pitching in to help address this problem. There are even some medical research facilities that took to crowdfunding to help them find a cure for the virus.

Crowdfunding lessons

If you are managing a crowdfunding project, there are some real-world lessons you can pick up with the way the world is reacting and addressing this health threat. Here are some of them:

  • Be proactive. In times of global health emergencies such as this, you will see how being proactive with the problem helps lower down the casualties and essentially put a stop to the threat. When you are managing your own campaign in social funding, you need to take action and be a doer. Waiting for things to unfold only happens in movies. Take advantage of the opportunities that will come along and make the most out of it.
  • Find the signs. Along the way, there are signs that will either point you in the right direction or let you know of an impending problem. From the moment the virus was detected up to now, there were signs along the way that gave the experts clues on how they should move forward. The same thing can happen with your crowdfunding campaign where you need to look at the signs that are coming your way to help you make better decisions with your project.
  • Plot out next steps. As soon as see the signs and decide to take action, you cannot just do the first thing that comes to your mind. There has to be a purpose, a game plan or an objective with every step. Just like how the medical community is trying to find a cure and making sure that every step they take leads them to that objective.
  • Recognize other people’s talent. The medical community cannot solve this problem all on their own. They would need researchers, media, the transportation group and a lot of other departments to curb the virus. The same goes with your campaign because as much as you want to believe that you can do everything, you might spread out yourself too thinly that you do not accomplish anything. Learn to recognize the talents of other people and build a team that can bring your ideas to the next level.


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