Revolutionizing The Breastfeeding Journey Between Mothers And Babies

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CoAssets was able to sit down with Ms Yvon Bock, the founder as well as Managing Director of Hegen Pte Ltd. The company is taking on an industry that has been pretty steady over the past few years and has not seen any revolutionary improvement on the product being sold. The breastfeeding industry is as much as a personal bond between mothers and babies as it is a source of sustenance for the baby.

Over the years, there has not been that many product developments in the breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding industry for infants. For mothers who has the luxury of exclusively nursing their babies, they did not really need a lot of products by their side. But as society changed and women are more empowered in sharing their talents and skills in the workplace, the exclusively breastfeeding their babies is now a luxury.     

For working mothers, there is a way to store breast milk for their babies while they attend to their day jobs. They can pump or express milk for their small ones but the process is easier said than done. This is what Hegen and Ms Bock aims to simplify because the current process is too time-consuming and tedious for the mothers.

Hegen is changing the breastfeeding industry



Ms Bock is drawing inspiration from personal experience as a working mom with four children of her own as well as her desire to improve the mommy and baby industry. This is the reason she founded Hegen Pte Ltd which offers sustainable solutions for breastfeeding parents through a range of bottles and accessories that ultimately enhances the breastfeeding and bonding journey between parents and their children.

The problem Ms Bock aims to solve is the tedious task of expressing milk, storing it and fitting for feeding the same milk for babies. This is a process all shared by working mothers who chooses to breastfeed their children over formula milk. The process of expressing the milk and then having to transfer it to a plastic container for storing and then transferring it to a bottle again for feeding is a time-consuming process.

Hegen offers one bottle for all these and parents just has to change the fittings or accessories on the bottle. This ultimately cuts the time and transfer of the milk, lessens wastage as well as address the oxidation of the milk which leads to loss of nutrients. There is also the added benefit of lowering down potential milk contamination from multiple handling.

The road was not smooth sailing for Ms Bock as she and her team had to deal with their idea being hijacked right before starting their prototype stage. However, they used this setback as a setup for success as they acknowledged the fact that there will be people faster or smarter than them. Nevertheless, if they know what they want, what their objectives are and persevere with passion, they will come out better and stronger.

In all these, Ms Bock shares that young entrepreneurs should never stop asking questions in order to learn as much as they can. She also stressed the importance of standing back up after falling down and just continue moving forward. However, she made it a point to underscore one of the core pillars of a business which is upholding integrity.

In ending the interview with CoAssets, Ms Bock shares her favorite quote which happens to be the vision of her company – “Think different, be different and create the difference!”



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