8 Reasons to go Fuzhou Free Trade Zone EPIC China!

Sunsets in Fuzhou
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CoAssets is Asia’s first listed Crowdfunding platform, with companies  in Singapore, Australia, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This year, the freshly ASX listed crowdfunding company will be holding it’s next EPIC in China at one of the most prosperous provinces, Fuzhou.

Reason #1: Leveraging CoAssets’ presence in Fuzhou

Setting up a new business overseas is risky; CoAssets understands this well with its five offices across the APAC region. By leveraging on CoAssets’ established presence in China, it is easier for you to work with a trusted partner with strong networks in China that can help overcome cultural differences.

Reason #2: Tap on Linca Group’s strengths in China

As one of Fujian province’s leading property developers and the co-organizers of EPIC China, Linca Group has the reach required to help new businesses expand in Fujian and beyond. The group spans more than 300 businesses across China means that you can tap on the right target markets in the most direct ways.

Reason #3: Enjoy benefits unique to only Fuzhou FTZ

Having been recently designated as one of China’s FTZs, setting up a business in Fuzhou is super easy. The Fujian FTZ is the first one to implement the “one-form application” system, which allows enterprises to simply fill in an application form online to set up a company. This is a very significant streamlining of the company set-up process.


Reason #4: First mover advantage

Fuzhou previously depended primarily on domestic growth, but 3 decades ago seeks international businesses to enter its foray in order to drive its global competitiveness. Seize the first mover advantage, and win market share within Fujian’s 39 million population.  Do you know, Fujian has 639 people with a net worth of at least 500 million yuan ($80 million), the sixth highest number in China, after Shanghai and Beijing.

Reason #5: A global city with a clear economic vision

The Chinese government has invested heavily into the city’s infrastructure to ensure that the cities’ infrastructure grows in tandem with its population.  The city boasts of a state-of-the-art network for its transportation sectors covering the sea, air, and land; ensuring that it is easy and convenient for people to travel in and around the city.

Sunsets in Fuzhou

Reason # 6: How-To in China

Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of doing business in China, from the experts who will share common and best business practices at the event. There will be guided tours around the Linca FTZ Commercial City, which boasts more than 11 country pavilions and 200 shops.


Reason # 7: High Tech is booming

Fuzhou has cultivated a group of export brands with independent intellectual property rights, self-owned brands, and independent marketing channels, with export products that have high technology, high added value and high profit. It has recognized 202 branded products from 195 enterprises. On Jan. 26, 2015, Alibaba’s Yidatong formally settled down in Fuzhou, bringing in an annual export of 5 billion US dollars.


Reason # 8: Meet thousands of trade professionals from across the world!

With more than 100 booths and 2,000 trade professionals coming to the event, there will be plenty of networking opportunities to explore and do business together. Come meet and network with these individuals to find ways to collaborate and do business in China!


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