Heritage Officials of China are raising funds to restore “The Great Wall of China”

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The Great Wall of China is not just a yet another tourist destination; it is the pride of China with almost 2300 years of history to it. It is often specified that the Long Wall was built by the first emperor of Qin dynasty.  Han dynasty further elongated the stretch. However, the most prominent mention is of Ming Dynasty that rebuilt and fully fortified this wonder. The monument has been a strong protector of the kingdom of China.

The Condition Today

Though some of the portions of the wall located in the north Beijing, which are some of the prominent tourist destinations, are well kept and maintained; unfortunately, 22% of the Ming Great Wall has already disappeared.  A report released by State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China in the year 2012 alleged so. In many places, the height of the wall has already reduced to less than 5 meters. It is predicted that due to sandstorm faster erosion of the wall may take place.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The Heritage officials of China have recently launched a Crowdfunding campaign for the purpose of raising funds to protect the Great Wall.

Notably, this incredible monument would never fall. However, due to thousands of years of rain and water, the wall has been disappearing gradually.

The Campaign started at the end of August this year. Since then, almost 16000 people have already backed the project. Till date, the campaign has raised a decent 300,000 Yuan. That is equivalent to USD 45000. The raised fund will be spent on restoring the Xifengkou section of the site that runs through a reservoir. The Heritage Officials have declared that all the spending done under the cause will be made public.

The Reward

One of the fascinating aspects of any campaign that majorly attracts supporters is the reward proposed.  The campaign pronounced the following rewards that one will get upon donating:

  1. Donors, no matter what the amount of contribution is, will become China Heritage Fund’s, “Friends of the Great Wall.”
  2. Donors will be duly informed about all the aspects of the protection plan execution. Details of spending and other relevant information will be passed on to them in first hand.
  3. During the project, people can make donations to the Foundation and make recommendations. All recommendations will be given specific feedback, including supervising the use of funds raised.

Social Media Skeptics

A lot is going on in the social media concerning the campaign. Some people are questioning the need for such a campaign. Many are saying that government is the richest and why on earth do they need to raise money for such a cause that is more of national concern.

To that, Dong Yaohui, the officer-in-charge for the campaign clarified that protecting such a site is more than what government can do alone. He exclaimed, By pooling the contribution of every single individual, however small it is, we will be able to form a great wall to protect the Great Wall,”


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