Mr Vick Aggarwala Talks About The Importance Of Being Respected As A Sign Of Success

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It is not every day that you get to sit down with one of the most successful people in the business industry and when CoAssets found the chance to do just that with Mr. Vick Aggarwala of Supreme Components International or SCI, they grabbed the chance. Mr. Aggarwala is the Chief Executive Officer and is at the helm of the company.

SCI is a high technology franchise electronic component distributor. As such, they cater to some of the biggest consumer brands in the market that put out new and exciting technological products for people to enjoy. As part of his job as the CEO, Mr. Aggarwala is responsible for ensuring the proper execution of business strategies as well as securing the company’s bottom line.

Acquiring the company

Mr. Aggarwala has been dreaming of setting up a company that he can call his own for the longest time. And when the opportunity to do just that with SCI in Singapore, he grabbed the opportunity. Part of it was his desire to fulfill his long time dream and another, his belief that he can turn the company around. The first time he laid his eyes on the company, it was losing money but that is now just a thing of the past.

At present, SCI is a now considered as one of the top brands in the country. It is also a multi-awarded brand bagging several prestigious recognitions year on year. This is one great benchmark for Mr. Aggarwala that they have not only turned things around, but also very proud of their efforts and hard work as being recognised and given the respect it deserves.

Respect in the workplace as a sign of success

More than just being respected because of the brand recognition through the awards it is able to garner, Mr. Aggarwala is also keen in equating the success of his company with the amount of respect they get from those around them. When asked how he defines success, he said, “You get the respect in the industry which you work with.”

It can come from the industry, the various company stakeholders, the employees, suppliers and even the customers – respect is such an important tool in determining success for the company. It is better to be respected than liked when you have to choose between the two. In all the decisions that have to be done, not everyone will like it but if they know that you are doing it for the good of everyone then respect is inevitable.

Challenges SCI faced

Mr. Aggarwala was not hesitant when asked what was one of the biggest challenges the company had to face. He pointed out the problem in making sure the workforce remains at a certain level in their company. The challenge of hiring talents to join the company as well as retaining those that are already with them in various countries is an area that they need to carefully study and balance at the same time.

Advice to future entrepreneurs

One of the best pieces of advice Mr. Aggarwala has for young business-minded people is to start an early age. They need to hone their appetite for the business and feed it with actual experience. This will help them make calculated risk better and in the process, make them better entrepreneurs in the long run.

They also need to be determined with their actions as well as persuasive and resolute with their decision making. If they have a goal in mind, persistence will help them get there and at times, being forceful with what they do. At the end of the day, it is also important to be truthful in all your actions as well as deliver what has been promised to various stakeholders in the business. Respect can come when you know how to walk the talk.



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