Oppo Ice cream crowdfunds its way to become UK’s favourite indulgence

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Oppo Ice cream is one of the most famous and awarded ice cream brands of the United Kingdom. Here is yet another success saga that got leveraged by the masses. Through the Crowdfunding.

The ‘Eureka Moment’

It was during a trip to Brazil in July 2011, when these two brothers (Read: Charlie and Harry Thuillier) got a chance to try some amazing natural foods like coconuts and a few other wild super fruits which tasted delectable. These fruits are mostly found on the Brazil coastline. That is when they thought if they could use these secret foods to create some recipe that is no less healthy than tasty. They decided to make an ice cream which is not all sugar yet superbly indulgent.

When Charlie and Harry Struggled their way to Success

The two brothers were determined to create an ice cream that would mean guilt free indulgence. However, the road ahead was not that easy. Charlie left his job with Diageo and moved to Harry’s place. He soon started with his experiments that gave a few very horrible results too. For 25 straight months, he struggled to create a recipe that is tasty yet guilt free. He failed numerous times, but then, he finally won. He came up with three flavors that tasted awesome and were not all sugar. Soon, these three flavors were stocked in 117 Waitrose stores. That gave Harry a boost to quit his job as Head of Marketing and join Oppo Ice Cream full time.

The Crowdfunding Journey

In November 2014, Oppo Ice cream was just a 2-month-old brand. One fine day while putting some samples in a café that was below their flat, a customer bought one of the tubs and tasted it. She was the wife of Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seedrs. Seedrs is one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms of the United Kingdom. Mr. Lynn introduced Charlie and Harry to Crowdfunding. It sounded incredible to them. Though they were duly approached by a venture capitalist by now, they zeroed on to go with Crowdfunding. In January 2015, they launched a campaign on Seedrs. The set goal of the campaign was $100,000; however, the crowd absolutely adored the concept and the product. The campaign got strikingly overfunded by 3 times. Half of which got raised within the first six hours of launch. After their first raise, they became the fastest food and drink company to reach the set goal through Crowdfunding. They still hold the record. They launched another campaign in Feb 2016 and raised $350,000

Oppo Ice cream today

Oppo Ice Cream is expanding in full swing today. They have nine full-time staff along with 20 brand ambassadors UK-wide. Distributors of Oppo Ice cream are adding up every day. They are some of the most reputed brands of UK that include Waitrose, Co-op, Whole Foods, Holland and Barrett, Budgens, etc. Besides, within the first four months of 2016-17, they have already crossed their total turnover of 2015-16.

We hope to see Oppo Ice Cream cross many more milestones in future!


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