In conversation with Startup Alley Participant, Mr. Melvin Lee, Founder and CEO of Flying Chalks

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Startup Alley is the cynosure of the entire EPIC event. Startup Alley is a contest for startups. Participating startups get a chance to present their company and product to the audiences in attendance at the EPIC event. Attendees vote for their preferred startup. Firm that earns the maximum votes is declared the winner of ‘Startup Alley.’

During EPICSG 2016, one of the prominent startups that got a chance to present them during the event was Flying Chalks.

Flying Chalks Pte. Ltd. is founded by Mr. Melvin Lee. The mission behind the startup is to enhance the overseas studies experience for all the tertiary students worldwide. Below are the excerpts from the interview of Mr. Melvin Lee, Founder, and CEO of Flying Chalks.

The Company

Flying Chalks aims to attract and help students from all over the world who are contemplating studies abroad. The CEO said, “There are two parts to it currently; the community and the content.”

Community helps in the exchange of information between the prospective students and the senior students. He told us that there are over 1800 students from 20 universities who have registered for the community part.

The Content part provides university guides, which includes not only the essential information about the university but also reviews and personal experiences of the existing students, as well as, the alumni of the university.


The Story

It was during his overseas exchange program when Melvin realized the kind of trouble a student faces in a foreign land. That ranges from issues relating to visa to finding accommodation, to getting first-hand advice from seniors. While struggling to find out answers for his self, it dawned on to him to create a platform that will help those students who are considering a course abroad or have recently enrolled in a program overseas. That is how Flying Chalks happened and came into existence.

Opinion on Local Startup Scene

Mr. Lee exclaimed that 3-5 years back the start-up scene was still new. However, in the recent times, it has become exponentially vibrant. He stated, “In every of my social circle, there is one friend doing a start-up.” He further added that the abundant sources of funding, government support, faster internet, and the culture shift is pushing the startup scene in Singapore upwards.

Strategy for Next Three Years

When asked about what the stakeholders can expect from Flying Chalks in the recent years; Founder of the company answered that their primary focus is on building a larger community of active student participants from all over the world. In addition to that, newer features are being introduced to the platform consistently, which will enable the students looking for overseas education, plan their endeavor rather seamlessly and flawlessly. He summed up, “..given how there is an increasing trend of students going overseas, that our platform will be of great value to them.”

Biggest takeaway from the event

Mr. Lee was happy that he got to meet numerous potential investors, along with the general public, marketing professionals, and people from different backgrounds. He specified that speaking to an audience with so much of diversity gave him great insights on how he can improve his platform and grow his business potentially.

Views on the Event

Mr. Lee affirmed that the event was excellently organized. He found the pitching and the lecture series exceptional and very insightful. On being asked if he would like to participate in the following EPIC events, Mr. Lee answered, “Yes, definitely, I look forward to joining you guys next years.”

Advice to Startups or Potential Investors

Mr. Melvin Lee advised, “If you are really into entrepreneurship, you really want to do a startup; no matter what the hardship is, you should pull through it and just think of what is to come.”


CA_noshadow_blackCoAssets has been at the forefront of promoting crowdfunding and advocating educational events to empower and inspire people and this is the main thrust of EPICSG2016. With this year’s theme of “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities,” the event aimed to bring investors, opportunity providers and start-ups together to discuss pertinent issues and subjects such as sustaining business growth, managing business life-cycle challenges and accessing about Crowdfunding in Asia, and how Crowdfunding can complement and add value to the entire finance ecosystem.

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The EPIC series started 2 years ago and has successfully concluded its third Expo in Property, Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) event in Singapore, drawing more than 700 enthusiastic participants, a 40% increase since the first event in July 2014. This indicated robust interest in alternative finance and FinTech, as well as strong investor’s appetite to spot and support promising start-ups.  The event also rewarded participants by giving away S$1,000 CASH to 5 lucky winners who were at the event.



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