Ian Gan Shares Nuggets Of Business Wisdom On The Sidelines Of EPICSG 2016

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Crowdfunding has been gaining a bigger following in and around Southeast Asia largely due to educational events such as EPICSG 2016 organized and presented by CoAssets. It aims to reach out to a lot of people and give them an idea on the benefits of crowdfunding in the business industry and how it is rapidly changing the landscape.

In order to bring relevant ideas and topics into the event, CoAssets brings in top speakers from various industries to help attendees not only improve and add knowledge on several key industries but be able to appreciate the platform through the eyes of different industry movers and shakers. One of which is Mr Ian Gan who at present is the CEO of Smaths Corporate Services Pte Ltd.

Business insights from an experienced entrepreneur

Mr Ian Gan actually started getting into business early at 18 years of age and his financial management degree as well as masters in professional accounting makes him one very reliable business resource person. He took on the topic of “Accounting for Business Minded Individuals” and CoAssets got him on the sidelines to get his thoughts on crowdfunding and the industry in general.

Mr Gan has seen crowdfunding in Singapore since its initial stages and he believes that there have been significant changes over the years with the platform. At the onset, social funding was geared towards public relations and getting the most mileage in publicity to reach its goal of raising the amount they need for the project.

At present, there is still that component but more and more campaigns are slowly becoming about speed as well as access to capital. This is largely due to the fact that administrative costs, as well as overhead expenses, are becoming a big component of social funding campaigns especially when you look at sustained timeframes.

Platform maturity is also elevating such that investors already know what they want in terms of returns on their investment. Borrowers or project initiators, on the other hand, are also looking for a low cost on capital that is why crowdfunding has been considered one of the go-to options for startups and even small and medium sized enterprises.

Young investors

Mr Gan also shared one important piece of advice for young investors on how to get started – invest in financial literacy. This is one of the best things they can do at the start of their investing journey because it equips them with the knowledge they need to make a mark. Training and being with experienced individuals will also increase their chances of making the right investment choices down the line.

He also shared one of the best piece of advice he has ever received – “Don’t look for an idea, look for a problem. Be the solution and the business will come.” This is a great piece of advice which project initiators can look into to help form their social funding projects. They need to solve an existing problem to be relevant in their field.

EPICSG 2016 participation

Mr Gan also shared that the event was a great platform to help them spread awareness on what they are doing. The strategic partnerships with universities and polytechnics the event has is a great PR component to get their brand out in the open. But more than these, he believes and from personal experience as well, he will come out of the event learning something new from CoAssets.


CA_noshadow_blackCoAssets has been at the forefront of promoting crowdfunding and advocating educational events to empower and inspire people and this is the main thrust of EPICSG2016. With this year’s theme of “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities,” the event aimed to bring investors, opportunity providers and start-ups together to discuss pertinent issues and subjects such as sustaining business growth, managing business life-cycle challenges and accessing about Crowdfunding in Asia, and how Crowdfunding can complement and add value to the entire finance ecosystem.

Epic logo only
The EPIC series started 2 years ago and has successfully concluded its third Expo in Property, Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) event in Singapore, drawing more than 700 enthusiastic participants, a 40% increase since the first event in July 2014. This indicated robust interest in alternative finance and FinTech, as well as strong investor’s appetite to spot and support promising start-ups.  The event also rewarded participants by giving away S$1,000 CASH to 5 lucky winners who were at the event.



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