Get more familiar to Crowdfunding while you run through these 12 statistics

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Crowdfunding is getting bigger and better every day. Innovative solutions invented by the fintech world is aiding this booming and beaming intensification of crowdfunding. Moreover, umpteen success stories revolving around crowdfunding have instated the position of Crowdfunding in today’s digital word as one of the crucial components of enterprising and investing. However, if you are still one of those who has yet to come to terms with the revolutionary power of Crowdfunding; these statistics will alter the way you think.

Key Statistics highlighting on the mounting scope of Crowdfunding

  1. A study done by the Small Business Administration of the US revealed that about 600,000 new businesses are started every year. However, out of that large number, only 300 startups were funded by Venture Capitalists. Which means 99.95% of entrepreneurs will need to struggle to raise funds. That also means, many of this 99.9 % of entrepreneurs will search for shelter in Crowdfunding.
  2. The estimated fundraising volume of the global Crowdfunding industry for the year is estimated to be $34 billion. Further break-up of this total amount goes as, P2P lending – $25 billion, Reward and Donation Crowdfunding – 5.5 Billion, Equity Crowdfunding – $2.5 billion, Other – $1 Billion
  3. The projected growth of Crowdfunding industry by 2025 is over $300 billion.
  4. Towards the developing world, it is expected that almost 344 million households would be able to deploy $96 billion simply by using their savings each year by 2025 through small crowdfunded investments in community businesses.
  5. Real estate crowdfunding grew by 156 percent in the year 2014, just breaking the $1 billion mark. In the year 2015, it is estimated to reach $2.5 billion.
  6. The total size of the U.S. commercial real estate market is around whopping $7 trillion. However, crowdfunding makes up only $2.5 billion of this market. That indicates a far bigger scope for growth.
  7. The average campaign lasts for a duration of 9 weeks, where campaigns that got the initial 30% funding in the first week itself showed a higher chance of getting successful.
  8. Campaigns that were more communicative and posted frequent updates to the followers managed to raise 126% more than those cold campaigns.
  9. Campaigns posted by a team raise a decent 38% more than the solo campaigners.
  10. Campaigns with personal videos raised 105% more than those without it.
  11. Most of the crowd funders come from the age group of 24-35 and are men.
  12. Crowdfunders, who show a higher interest in startup investing, usually have an annual income of equal to or more than $100,000. Besides, those who invest in a technology start-up require holding their position in the organization for a period that is stretched up to 7 years.


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