Cloudjet Startup Takes Advantage Of EPICSG 2016 To Jumpstart IPO Plans

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CoAssets was at the forefront again of the crowdfunding industry with another successful run of EPICSG 2016. The Expo in Property, Investing and Crowdfunding or EPIC series is the educational arm of the company that strives to bring together people from all walks of life in hopes of educating and advancing the idea of crowdfunding in today’s market

This year’s Singapore leg was no different taking on the theme of “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities.” It saw a lot of startups take the stage and try to introduce their ideas to a bigger market. One of these startups that took the opportunity to connect was Cloudjet – a cloud-based software company that aims to help startups and SMEs with KPI planning and monitoring.

Cloudjet at the EPICSG 2016

The startup has been operating for three years already based out in Vietnam offering real-world solutions to various companies in terms of workforce KPIs. These Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are measurable output used to assess productivity in the office space. The startup found out how most startups and even small and medium sized enterprises struggled to track this key marker in the workplace.

The company uses a proprietary KPI library with more than 2,500 options coupled by innovative and unique training method to help companies monitor productivity and take notice of under performers. Mr Long Pham of Cloudjet pitched their services of offering KPI solutions to companies after having the chance to meet and work with various CEOs and managers and found out how hard it is for them to track productivity.

Setting their sights on listing by 2020

When Mr Pham was asked about their plans for the company, he said “IPO by 2020.” This is a big step and the company would have greatly benefitted from the EPICSG 2016 especially as one of the event’s speakers was Mr Getty Goh sharing CoAsset’s own journey from being a startup to being a listed company which was achieved in just two years.

Mr Pham is very optimistic in this plan as the growth of Cloudjet has been enjoying revenue growth two to five times annually. This growth has prompted them to venture out and expand operations as they try to land some partners in and around Southeast Asia especially in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. He believes that together with their expansion plans as well as improving their product and signing up software partners, they will be able to grow the company and eventually reach their target of listing by the year 2020.




Mr Long Pham was very eager to be one of companies pitching at at the startup alley event of EPICSG 2016. He mentioned how the event is an interesting one as it gives startups the chance mingle with other startups as well as meet potential investors. He mentioned that they are taking the unique opportunity the event has given them to expand their network and hopefully get the chance to work with investors from Singapore.

The event aims to do just that, advocate the crowdfunding platform by educating the public and giving up and coming companies the chance to meet and mingle with investors who can help them take their ideas to the next level. CoAssets has been organizing these events around Southeast Asia to promote and help the crowdfunding industry in the region.


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