New Zealand campaigned to buy a beach for its public

Queenstown New Zealand
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Crowdfunding has made inconceivable ventures a reality. And, there is no dearth of such amazing success stories. One such implausible success story recently occurred in New Zealand and came into light eventually.

An immaculate beach spanning over a site of seven hectares has been bought via a crowdfunding campaign that was launched by two citizens and residents of New Zealand. Interestingly, the seaside property has been handed over to the people of New Zealand post purchase.

The new proud owners of the beach are ‘The Public.’

Almost 40000 Kiwis donated to this campaign. The total amount raised came up to be NZ$2.3 Million. That is almost equal to £1.3 Million or else US $1.7 Million.

The beach in question is Awaroa beach in the Abel Tasman National Park, on the South Island of the country.

The previous owner of this beach is Mr. Michael Spackman, a business person. Mr. Spackman decided to sell the beach as soon as the campaign reached its set goal. It took the campaign a little over 3 weeks to raise the target amount.

The purchase has ensured that this pristine property will stay away from private interferences. Henceforth, the beach will be managed and run by the National Park.

This Noble campaign was launched by Duane Major and Adam Gardner.  The former campaigner said that he launched this campaign out of a “gut instinct.”

In an interview with BBC, campaigner Mr. Duane Major stated, “It’s a great day. Sometimes you can feel powerless, so for us, it’s been a marvelous experience of empowerment.” He further added, “There’s been a real feeling of coming together. People in other countries have recognized what it’s been all about too.We’re in an age with various forms of technology that can pull people apart. But in this case, it brought people together.”

The campaigners also received a due contribution from the government of New Zealand for this cause. However, when a businessman and philanthropist proposed to pay up the amount of deficit while the campaign had still not reached the target in exchange for private access in the property for his family; it was rejected then and there.

Another roadblock the campaign had to face came from the local Maori group who proposed that the seaside property actually belonged to the Maori Community. The campaigners negotiated well with them. Empathizing with their situation they have decided that Maori group would be involved with the future of the beach.

Whatsoever, the property is finally purchased and successfully handed over to the people of New Zealand.

It is a moment of pride for the entire crowdfunding Industry. This incident has shown the world that an otherwise powerless common man can do absolutely uncommon things with the help of Crowdfunding. That Crowdfunding is indeed leveraging the world that truly is ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people.’


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