Look At The 5 Benefits Of An Offline Crowdfunding Event

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Crowdfunding is oftentimes viewed as purely as an online activity where inception to conclusion are all consummated with the help of technology and done online. From the moment the idea is hatched to putting the campaign together to launching it all the way to getting people to support are done with minimal physical interaction between stakeholders.

Technology has made it possible for all these steps to be executed online using a computer and an internet connection that serves as a portal and a bridge to be able to reach as many people as possible. Project initiators can set up, manage and monitor their projects online while investors can go through and choose the right campaign to support without having to physically set a meeting with each and every project manager.

This seems to be one very convenient way to advance and promote the crowdfunding industry because of its online component. But does this mean that project initiators, investors and other stakeholders are discouraged to actually meet in person? Does the platform limit the physical interaction between people that are trying to promote the industry?

Crowdfunding value in offline events

The simple answer to that question is no because crowdfunding does not advocate a pure online relationship with people. It is one of the pillars with which the industry was built on but it does not mean that offline events have no place in social funding. Here are some thoughts you can ponder on to understand this better.

  • Generate publicity for your project. There are a lot of ways to do this online but putting together an actual physical event for existing and target investors to go to can increase publicity for your campaign. It also increases the confidence level for people who want to support your project because they get to meet you and see the campaign in person. 
  • You get to showcase your project in person. This is one of the rare instances that you get to make a pitch to people face to face. In the past, you would have to secure a meeting schedule with various people to present. Having an offline event where they are the ones coming to see you is a great chance to talk to them and show how passionate you are with your campaign. 
  • Show gratitude to investors. There will be people out there who has either expressed their intention to support you or has already put down some money for your project. This is a good way to show gratitude by acknowledging them publicly for backing up your project. This is also a good way of letting other people know that there are investors who trust you and that they can do the same. 
  • Get media mileage for marketing. The event in itself can be a great marketing material for your campaign. Media might be able to pick it up and use it as a material for their online or even print stories. This can help you generate awareness within your industry and get more people to support you. 
  • Industry leaders get to give back. There are industry leaders who wish to give back and promote the industry as well. They organize expos, seminars or conventions to help increase awareness and educate the public more about crowdfunding. This allows the industry to grow and mature as a group.



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