Meet the 6 Amazing Startups At The EPICSG2016 Startup Alley!

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CoAssets, the industry-leading crowdfunding company based out in Singapore, is hosting another exciting event that aims to promote crowdfunding in the region. The Expo for Property, Investing & Crowdfunding or EPICSG2016 will be held at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on July 8, 2016 and will be featuring five companies for the startup alley category.

The event has been doing its rounds in Singapore, Indonesia and even Malaysia and for this year, it banners the theme “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities.” The event helps startups get the running start they need in terms of financing as they get the chance to expose their projects with investors.

Here are the five companies being featured in EPICSG2016’s startup alley category that has the potential to make it big!

Camdy Global Sdn Bhd

Photo sharing is one of the most loved technological innovation people have been going crazy about ever since cameras were put on phones. Camdy is one unique photo sharing and printing service application that makes use of locational geo-tagging technology to determine access for the photos. The mobile and web app developed by Mr. Chee Ching Shin also allows specific users to set a private or public access level for the photos. Having founded several IT companies in the past, Mr Chee also put in a feature that allows other users to download the files as efficiently as possible. Another great addition to the app is its unique ability to print the photos on several merchandises at no cost.

ZeptoExpress Berhad

Developed by Mohd Izzairi Yamin Abner Lim who are both deeply entrenched in mobile and web technology and development, this application aims to hit two birds with one stone. It was built from the ground up to address the rising need for express one-day delivery in the courier market and help with the increasing retrenchment in Malaysia. The app gives users the chance to avail of logistical assistance with the least amount of steps involved and with verified crowdsource partners and security features, receive or send packages efficiently.

Lepro System Berhad

The legal service system is one of the oldest professions in the world and Vincent Heng who is a high-energy and seasoned management professional decided to help it adapt to present day needs with technology. He believes that the legal service is only as good as the legal support system it has which includes customer service, clerical work, HR support and even document handling from filing to storage to retrieval among others. This led him to develop the online/offline legal support solution for legal assistance in the field of property transactions. This is a game changer and would drastically help increase the efficiency between buyers, sellers and lawyers.

Call Levels

Ever had the challenge of having to constantly monitor your assets if they have matured at a level you are expecting them to? Is it possible that you just get alerted to it just like how you wake up in the morning with an alarm clock or how you remember appointments because of a calendar reminder? Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar who founded the app had the same questions in their minds that led them to develop Call Levels. The app’s main service is its ability to give users the heads-up as soon as their assets reach a pre-selected level. This is of course a lot more complex than an alarm clock as it delivers reliable data to over 10,000 global assets. It has also received recognitions from London’s Appster Awards 2015 and even New York’s Benzinga Fintech Awards.

Cloudjet Solutions

A company’s Key Performance Index or KPI is one of the pillars that will guide and propel them to the next level. Seasoned entrepreneur Mr Hong Le knows this all too well which led him to develop Cloudjet Solutions. This application supports small and medium-sized enterprises set up their KPIs more efficiently. Mr Le relies on a KPI library with over 2,500 options to choose from as well as an innovative training method complemented by industry expertise and technology application. This helps companies increase productivity at the same time minimize under-performers.

Flying Chalks

Melvin Lee has been dreaming of making a difference with a business idea and his overseas exchange program to South Korea paved the way for Flying Chalks to come to fruition. The online platform caters specifically to students taking on overseas studies as it is hinged on a three-pronged approach: Plan, Share and Connect. “Plan” helps the students use proprietary and customized software application to help them structure their studies. “Share” makes use of user-generated content to look at helpful feedback and reviews on topics that matter to overseas students. The “Connect” part links the user with three specific groups of people – students going to the same overseas university, seniors who has gone through the overseas studies program and more importantly, the startup connects users to local students in the host country.

In the last Kuala Lumpur run of the expo, ParkEasy came out the winner as they developed an application that helped ease the parking problems of car owners as it gave the chance to reserve slots. The developers won RM10,000 from that event. Apart from these amazing startups, EPICSG2016 also offer people who sign-up the chance to win S$1,000 on the spot!

To grab your tickets for EPICSG2016, you can visit For more information about the expo, you can visit , call +65 8382 1422 or drop an e-mail at [email protected].


Epic logo only -TMEPICSG2016  is a 1-day event that informs SMEs and startups on financing option and business strategies to help businesses grow. The event will also provide opportunities for investors to learn about investing tips to make smart investments, as well as interesting ideas from startups.

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