4 reasons to partner with platforms for Crowdfunding

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As many of entrepreneurs now opt for crowdfunding, there are several dos and don’ts for them to be followed – especially with the campaign for raising the funds. Some go for independent campaigning without affiliating with any of the dedicated platforms for the purpose. While most of the independent projects do have their success stories to be shared with other entrepreneurs, there are some who can outperform the market if got the right push. And choosing the right platform along with campaigning independently can work wonders! Here are 4 reasons why one must partner with a platform for crowdfunding:

  1. Increased Access: Platforms are online portals that facilitate to be the meeting place for the investors and the entrepreneurs. There are many dedicated platforms that serve a particular business area only. When investors look out for such areas, they land up on portals and so your project idea. This leads to an increased visibility of your project and so the chances of backers for the idea.
  2. Better Placement: While working independently, if you do not have some history that makes the backers believe in you or your project, then the rate of hit to your independent campaign gets reduced (but for an outstanding idea). On the contrary after partnering with the platforms, the platform’s brand also serves as an endorsement for your project i.e. investors come forward to invest in your project just because you are hosting campaign on that particular platform.
  3. Better Promotion: As platforms handle several projects each with unique requirements of promotion and advertisement for crowdfunding, they enable special customized promotional packages for the campaigns. This makes the promotion easy and ensures a better reach out to the public. The deals provided through the platforms can be economic as compared to individual promotion of the campaign.
  4. Better Success Rate: It has been found that the success rate of projects that have partnered with platforms is for one thing – sure and secondly – high as compared to those doing it all alone. This is a proven fact for many successful stories. Projects reveal that they were able to collect funds beyond the target amount in a short span of time.

However, you must note that as an entrepreneur, you will have many projects running parallel on that very platform. So it is up to you to use this as an opportunity instead of a threat because the other projects would serve as a window for the gap between the project idea (i.e. the supply) and the requirements of the prospective users/ backers (i.e. the demand). It is important that an entrepreneur does proper homework in identifying the loopholes in other projects, taking it as a feedback for his own project and improvising accordingly. This can only help the entrepreneur to place himself in a better way and get more backers for his project.

So, given these facts, what platform are you going to opt for promoting your crowdfunding campaign?

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