Crowdfunding Helps You Make A Stand

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The deadliest mass shooting in the history of the US just happened at a club in Orlando a few days ago and a crowdfunding campaign retaliated back with an history all on its own. A social funding project was launched almost immediately after the shooting incident and the crowd answered back with a flurry of support making history as they go along.

The campaign was one of the most successful ones in the history of crowdfunding raising about $2 million in over a day of going live. It is meant to help the victims of the shooting and get the funds down to family members deeply affected by the attack on US soil. This incident will forever be in the minds of people and could strike fear with the mere mention of the event.

But there are a lot of who does not want this to happen and wants to show the whole world that hate will never prevail. One of the ways they are doing that is showing that love will always be on top is backing up a crowdfunding project meant to help the victims and their families. There are a lot of investigation going on but in the middle of it all, love is still winning.

Crowdfunding shows support

Here are some of the things crowdfunding helps with when it comes to social issues where people want to make a stand.

  • It gives you the chance to pledge your support. Pledging and putting money into an crowdfunding campaign simply means that you are backing up that project. If it is a business campaign then you believe that the product or service will do good in the market. If it is a donation-based campaign, people putting funds into it are throwing support and telling the whole world that you stand behind the idea to help those that are in need.

  • It allows you to route financial support to those that needs it. In any terrorism act, there will be a lot of groups and individuals who will try to throw in support just to help put. In all these, crowdfunding is able to gather the crowd the quickest and can go to the ground the fastest and disperse the funding support needed. The funds does not also go to transportation costs or any overhead expenses because the projects are mostly about getting the money to the people that needs them the most.

  • You show evil in the world that they will not win. This is one of the most important things crowdfunding is able to do in times of deep social distress. People bond together to show evil perpetrators that hate will never triumph and that the love people have for each other are more powerful than any gun or bomb they can throw out into society. This is a statement people collectively make to show the whole world that there are more people who wants to do good and love one another rather than spread fear and hate. Crowdfunding is a potent tool in addressing social issues while simultaneously providing financial help to those in need.


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