Italmec Group of Companies was subscribed by 129% on CoAssets

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Italmec Industries of Singapore recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on CoAssets with a set goal of S$120,000 that experienced a whopping success. The campaign was funded to the tune of 129%. It was a campaign well received by the investor community of CoAssets.

Italmec Group – The Company and the Man behind it!

The Managing Director of Italmec Group of Companies, Mr. Federico Cellini is a Singaporean of Italian origin. He came to Singapore 25 years back and incepted Italmec Group of Companies in the year 1997. The company is specialized in Industrial Material Handling products representing Dalmec S.p.A., the world leader in “custom made” pneumatic manipulators “tailored” pneumatic device, which enables to lift, rotate and handle products in complete weightless condition and safety.

Mr. Cellini diligently progressed the company towards achieving ever newer heights. At present, they are the only agents for Dalmec in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region, with offices opened in various key countries. Mr. Federico Cellini believes,


Sweetest victory and achievement is the victory or achievement that has yet to come.

Crowdfunding – Why and How?

Crowdfunding was first suggested to Mr. Cellini by one of his consultants who handles the financial needs of the organisation. In the beginning, Mr. Cellini was quite a bit surprised; however, later he realised the credibility of this alternative financing technology.  He exclaimed, “Crowdfunding is definitely an example how Singapore is advanced in terms of financial services.”

Crowdfunding via CoAssets

The Managing Directors were amazed to see how fast and seamless the whole crowdfunding process was at CoAssets. The company raised funds primarily for the purpose of expanding their operations in Morocco. Looking at such great results coming out of Crowdfunding, Mr. Cellini declared that he is sure to hold on strongly with crowdfunding for his future needs.

Crowdfunding as an Alternative Financing Solution

Mr. Cellini stated that though, crowdfunding may turn out to be a bit costly; it is definitely a very fast, flexible, and a fantastic method of raising funds.

Future of Crowdfunding

“Absolutely, it can only grow,” said the managing director. He further added that many companies similar to his, would be willing to use this service for executing their expansion and diversification plans.

What Crowdfunders can expect from Italmec Group of Companies

Mr. Cellini specified that his company has grown tremendously in the past 20 years and the crowdfunders, as well as, his other shareholders will see a similar pace in the future too.

On Achieving the Crowdfunding Goal Successfully

The Managing Director passed on a message to his investors that they are associated with a company that is very ambitious and has a unique product. Besides, it has the needed potential to tap bigger territories around the world.

Advice to fellow businesses who wish to go the Crowdfunding Way

Mr. Cellini advised that if a company can readily bear the cost incurred in Crowdfunding, it is an excellent tool to get things moving fast.


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