Mr. Christophe Derdeyn discusses the role of cloud in improving sales effectiveness

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CORESME Capitalising Opportunities & Realising Expectations (SME CORE) 2016 was an astounding success, with industry experts from different industries coming together to discuss the major trends and tools that can aid an SME optimizes its resources, fasten the decision-making process, and do business better.

Mr. Christophe Derdeyn, Partner of Delaware Consulting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, yet another eminent speaker of the SME CORE 2016, discussed about the unique provisions of their Cloud for Customer Application tool during the event. This tool originally is the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Delaware Consulting is primarily a global consulting firm that has partners like ArcelorMittal, Microsoft, and SAP to its credit.


Mr.Christophe Derdeyn initiated with how today’s customer is far better informed. Mostly due to rising number of handheld devices that are readily supplying all the information that is uploaded on the Internet at an exponential speed. That makes the buying situation all the more challenging for the salespeople these days.

He exclaimed, “We believe as Delaware Consulting, it is your time to engage with your customers like never before.”

He further added that capturing new accounts and increasing revenue have become pain points for organization due to rising noise in the market. The need of the hour for companies today is to focus on improving sales effectiveness.

3 major ways of improving sales effectiveness as suggested by Mr. Christophe Derdeyn comprise:

  • Allow salespeople to sell smarter: Selling smart is the key these days. Mr.Christophe Derdeyn proposed, “You allow them (read: salespeople) to accelerate their productivity and increase sales effectiveness by giving them a tool that captures all the information in one place.” Such information can be very helpful for sales reps to get a 360-degree view of each account. That will help them in drawing valuable insights into business and customer expectations, which can in turn increase the win rates.
  • Allow your salespeople to sell from anywhere: The ability to sell from anywhere is vital in today’s world. Mr. Christophe Derdeyn stressed that it is important to provide the salespeople with devices similar to what the customers are using; for example, mobile devices or iPads.
  • Allow your salespeople to be in constant dialogue with the customers: Mr. Christophe Derdeyn, spoke of one of his real world experience with an European firm that manufactures plastic products. He discussed how they integrated the CRM tool with the email accounts as well as with the company’s ERP system, bringing the back office to the front office. That helped sales representatives in providing better service to customers by staying in continuous touch with them.

Mr.Christophe Derdeyn alleged that these 3 points will help sales representatives to know their customers better and allow them to sell value rather than competing prices, which is the case more often today.

Cloud for Customer Application by Delaware Consulting

chris_2Mr. Christophe Derdeyn specified that the Cloud for Customer Application designed by Delaware Consulting is a tool that is ready for the challenges of future. The application runs on industry famous SAP HANA and is compatible with various handheld devices. It also works as an analytics platform with a dashboard that can be used by Sales Managers to run critical reports and draw insights out of that. An application that runs on cloud gives employees at different hierarchy ready access to the information that they need in the real time.  Eventually, facilitating them in spotting the hurdles and fixing them efficiently while getting rid of the pain points.

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