When Anime For Women Is A Gamble, Crowdfunding Is The Answer

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It doesn’t matter how big a show’s following is if nobody has the rights to distribute it. Now one industry insider thinks she has the key to break a ’00s classic out of licensing limbo: a crowdfunding campaign. Skip Beat is a 2008 Japanese anime that acquired fans both in its home country and overseas for its story of a spunky heroine taking on the music industry, and finding love along the way. But while it’s been stuck in publishing rights hell, Skip Beat has never gotten a Western release. Ann Yamamoto, the owner of one-woman licensing operation Pied Piper, Inc., is ready to change that. While no major licensor has been willing to take a risk on the title, she knows several hundred or thousand people who just might: Skip Beat’s international fanbase

To read the full article, click http://s.coassets.com/eMO.

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