CoAssets launches a unique risk-free Crowdfunding program for Aussie Investors

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Crowdfunding has opened up opportunities to Australian investors, where they can readily diversify their portfolio by investing in different companies, working at varying risk levels, hailing from diverse industries.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are already taking the reward-based crowdfunding in Australia to next level. However, there is a lot that is happening in the equity and debt-based crowdfunding market as well. Equity crowdfunding allows broad groups of investors to fund start-up companies and small businesses in return for equity. On the other hand, debt-based crowdfunding is where investors provide needed funds to companies and the investors receive a debt instrument that pays a fixed rate of interest and returns on a specified schedule. Many times people consider equity and debt-based crowdfunding as the same. However, the fact is, they are similar but not same. More like brothers of the same mother.

One of the latest entrants in the debt-based crowdfunding market in Australia is CoAssets (NSX Code: CAX). CoAssets is originally a Singapore-based crowdfunding platform that that now operates in Australia, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since commencing its operations in 2013, the company has already raked in investments amounting to more than AU$43million. The company has recently registered its first victory in Australia by being instrumental in helping an engineering and construction consultancy firm, Stapleton International, raise a massive $105,000 in less than two days.

Investing through CoAssets is seamless, all you have to do is create your free account, explore the listed opportunities, pick the one that suits you best and invest from as little as AU$3,000 through the secure online platform. CoAssets also provides a personalised and automated Investment Dashboard for you to monitor the performance of your investments, and the ability to reinvest your returns into a new offering on the platform or simply withdraw your funds.


To coincide with the launch of the CoAssets Australia website in April 2016, CoAssets is offering new users the chance to trial investment crowdfunding for FREE through their virtual tokens campaign. It is an innovative way for beginner crowdfunders to familiarise themselves with the crowdfunding process. To claim the virtual tokens you need to register with their Australian platform before 31 May 2016, and you will be awarded 1,000 virtual tokens which you can use to invest into a project and receive real returns in the form of real cash.

CoAssets deserves kudos for coming up with such a one of its kind, risk-free crowdfunding program, as this program will not only educate the new and nervous investors about the ins and outs of debt-based crowdfunding but also teach them how making diversified investment decisions can lead to greater returns.


The last date for applying in CoAssets Token (CAT) program is 31th May 2016. Visit the CoAssets Australia website to grab your 1,000 virtual tokens and enjoy the freedom of risk-free crowdfunding.

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