Views of Wikibrands Author M. Sean Moffitt on Crowdfunding Industry

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Crowdfunding is in the minds of every business leader and entrepreneur who is either looking forward to raising funds for supposedly the next big thing or looking forward to investing in a story that makes total sense.

However, it is a known fact that Crowdfunding is not only about launching a campaign that has substance in it, but, it must pull the crowd and consequently win supporters for the story. Branding your story and making it reachable to masses is the key to success.

We got an opportunity to speak to Mr. Sean Moffitt, who co-authored WIKIBRANDS: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace. This book is all about how the business leaders, entrepreneurs, and enlightened start-ups can do an effective brand building in order to drive great value out of their business. Mr. Sean Moffitt is described as the “Reigning King of Word of Mouth” by Marketing Magazine. He is one of the top visionaries of North America in business and branding space.

During the talk, Mr. Moffitt stated that there is a tremendous scope for crowdfunding in Asia; barrels of opportunities, indeed. He quoted, ”Half the world’s population is in Asia, so why wouldn’t it work here.”He further added that the Government seems to be a lot more conducive here; though there are regulatory issues all over the world here, he said that he sensed a bigger appetite in Asia to overcome these issues. He said that Asia is ready to lock on to things like crowdfunding tools, peer to peer lending tools, sharing economy space far more quickly and there will be a noticeable growth in these fields in the coming three years.

Discussing the advantages of Crowdfunding, he said that there are three main things where crowdfunding is of great advantage. First thing first, it funds great new ideas. Moreover, with crowdfunding things travel fast. It is a great way to make people aware of their product or idea. Lastly, he said that crowdfunding is a great way to learn new things. There is a lot to learn by using crowdfunding tools. He further quoted, “the crowd will be more than happy to tell you if you treat them appropriately; what is good about your product, what is bad about your product and then how can your improve it.”

Mr. Moffitt advised people that though everything is not going to be an instant hit with crowdfunding, it has an excellent track record of success. He said that you need to be a bit of a risk lover with crowdfunding as there are going to be things that will look steady, there are going to be things that will look like super rewarding yet risky so what you need to do is have a mixed kind of portfolio to get the best results. He asserted,

Do take some risks, much like a good financial portfolio where you have things that are steady; you have things that might be a little bit more risk averse.


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