Equity crowdfunding not just about money says guru Medved

Crowd Funding Concept.
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Investing in money-making ventures has been a traditional route to making more money – and for decades, the vehicle of choice for that kind of investing has been via buying shares in public companies traded on stock markets. But stock markets aren’t what they used to be. Returns are generally flat these days, even negative – and even on their best days, stock markets return just a fraction of what the “real” investors in a company make. That’s bad for investors – and for society. The middle class in countries around the world, and especially the United States, is being squeezed not only by a lack of employment opportunities, but a lack of investment opportunities. Where in the past stock market investors had an opportunity to realized significant returns from stock investments, that has changed radically over the past decade – closing off yet another income-earning channel for the middle class, contributing to its erosion, and to ever-increasing income disparities between the top and bottom, many experts say.

But there’s a new investment vehicle in town – one that promises to democratize investing, in the sense that it distributes the proceeds of successful companies much farther and wider than traditional investment vehicles. “Equity crowdfunding is finally going mainstream,” according to Jon Medved, the CEO of OurCrowd, the Israeli investment firm that invented crowdfunding as the world knows it today.

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