How Does Crowdfunding Play A Part Amidst Terror Attacks

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Crowdfunding can take in various roles for many people at different points in their lives. It can be a fundraising venture to start a business that they have been trying to get off the ground for sometime. The industry also has a donation-based platform which is one of the biggest reasons the platform exists today and is able to reach out to people.

As the name suggests, the donation platform is mainly used to serve as a tool in helping others in need of financial help and it can play a big role when terrorists try to sow fear with bombing attacks. A few months after the bombs went off in Paris, another country has been targeted by organised groups bent to put society in a state of fear.

Brussels in Belgium just recently saw a total of three bomb attacks all going off on the same day hours apart. Two bombs were detonated at the Zaventem airport while a third one was diffused. But another bomb was set off at the Maelbeek Metro Station at the heart of Brussels and is just a few blocks away from the EU headquarters.

How crowdfunding can help

At these times, crowdfunding can be a good source of support for those people who have lost a lot or even for a community that is trying to get a good grip on their current situation.

  • It can serve as united front. Crowdfunding unites people for a common cause whether it is funding a business idea, helping a neighbour who lost their house in a recent fire, a veteran trying to fix his roof or a refugee looking for a job. When terrorists attack and bomb a city, confusion, panic and fear will start to surface and the government will do everything in its power to regain control. The people, on the other hand, also has a part to play and they can choose to be mere spectators pointing fingers on what everyone should be doing or they can start a crowdfunding page. There might have been community stores that were badly hit or landmarks that were damaged – these projects, more than the money, shows that people are united and they are proactive in wanting to help restore peace in the community. 
  • It can quickly help people in need. If there are badly affected families who might have lost a lot, financial assistance can go a long way and social funding can be quick to address those concerns. It can be given to those that are looking for place to stay, people trying to buy tickets to go home or simply for other expenses they need to attend to in light of what just happened. 
  • It can uplift spirit and morale. People can start putting in words of encouragement for other people and put in a small amount as a sign of support. More than the money, it highlights a community that is able to band together and pick other people up when they are down and help them back up on their feet.

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