Running A Crowdfunding Campaign Is Similar To Joining A Triathlon

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Crowdfunding may seem to be an easy thing to accomplish when you are an outside trying to look into the. Everything just seems so easy and with the help of technology, these campaigns are able to reach out and talk to a lot of people in a matter of a few clicks. Social networking sites seem to do all the legwork for project initiators rather than having to personally talk to each and everyone of their friends.

To a certain extent, there is truth to how it is easier social funding is now thanks to advancement in technology. It is a lot faster to put together a campaign with all the copy and visuals support like photos and videos because technology is there. You do not have to draw everything on paper and use a typewriter for the copy.

Sending a completed campaign ready for funding is also faster because technology can quickly send it to your friends through online platforms. They can receive it as fast as you send it and they can put in the money to the project almost instantaneously because of online funds. Banking, paying or even donating money is faster today than ever because of technology.

Crowdfunding requires a lot of work

But all these might give out the wrong impression on the amount of work that needs to be put into a campaign to make it successful. If you compare it to sports, think of how tough triathlon is and you can have an idea on the amount of work that needs to be put in. Here is why:

  • Preparation is vital. Triathletes look good on game day and when you see them on television but you do not have an idea on the amount of work, sweat, blood tears and time they have put into preparing for the sport. It takes months and even years to be primed up to last all three legs of the sport on game day because the swim, bike, and run will test your physical and mental capability as an athlete. You cannot just wake up one day and decide you want to join that event a week out. You need to prepare your mind and body for the gruelling task just like crowdfunding. People behind it has been working behind the scenes for months on end to make sure that they put out a great campaign on launch day. 
  • You have to be mentally ready. Triathlon is also a mental game where you need to convince yourself that you can finish the race. Your mental approach can prime your body and help you to finish the race. The same with crowdfunding where if you already feel defeated on the get go, you might not be approaching the campaign in the right frame of mind. This can hinder from identifying and even taking advantage of opportunities along the way. 
  • Having a team can be a game changer. Triathletes often depend on a fluid team to help them get through game day. With all the equipments, training, preparations and transitions that happen in the game, having a team behind you can be a big game changer. In crowdfunding, having a team can help you keep track of the progress and be able to do more with the project. You can have team members focusing on the funding that is coming in and even the development of the prototype project. This can give you more time to look for investors who can put in more to your project.

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