Crowdfunding Platforms that are exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs

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Crowdfunding platforms are emerging as the greatest ever blessing for ladies who always wished to give their careers a start.

Regrettably, even ladies who are far more qualified, passionate, and definitely deserving find it hard to give their careers a shape in the long run. Sometimes it is because of family responsibilities that demand her time and attention, which eventually makes it difficult for her to do a 9 to 5 job. Besides, sometimes it is so because they do not get enough advice and support.

However, ladies these days are confidently approaching Crowdfunding platforms for raising funds for their businesses that provide them with a flexibility to handle their home and career simultaneously. Crowdfunding platforms worldwide have noticed a higher success rate of campaigns led by women entrepreneurs.

With ladies coming out with such flying colors in Crowdfunding arena, there are many crowdfunding platforms launched aiming to leverage women entrepreneurs only. Here is a list of Crowdfunding platforms that are meant exclusively for women:

Plum alley: Founded by Ms.  Deborah Jackson in 2012, Plum alley is determined to help passionate and intelligent women in raising funds for their business. For almost 20 years Ms. Jackson has been raising funds for her clients in Wall Street. Most recently, TechWeek named Ms. Jackson as one of the 100 most prominent people in tech in New York. During her innumerable corporate ventures, she realized that projects launched by women are most of the times underfunded; not only in IT world but equally in media, arts and publishing. She found out that getting the early-stage capital is actually the biggest hurdle women face. That is when she decided that she needs to launch a platform for championing women entrepreneurs and dedicated herself to this cause.

Catapult: Catapult is yet another Crowdfunding platform meant only and only for ladies that got launched in 2012. Founder of Catapult Ms. Maz Kessler is a designer, artist and serial entrepreneur with roots in the music industry.  Indeed, she has Grammy award to her credit. Ms. Kessler credits Ms. Jill Sheffield, President of Women Deliver for supporting her in making Catapult a reality. So far Catapult has successfully crowdfunded 432 projects and is attracting attention from almost 86 countries all over the world.  Catapult mainly leverages projects and causes that aim at the emancipation of women and their rights like girl’s education, gender violence, reproductive rights and economic empowerment. Their mission statement says, “Catapult is a new way to take action for girls and women’s equality and rights.”

Woomentum: Based out of Singapore, Woomentum is a community-cum-crowdfunding platform meant exclusively for women who are founders and entrepreneurs. Woomentum is founded by Ms. Mouna Aouri, who is a qualified Civil Engineer. Ms. Aouri started with first and eventually launched in 2015, which is just like any other Crowdfunding platform but launches only and only women. Woomentum aims to not only help women entrepreneurs in raising funds but also provide them with support, advice, affordable expertise, and mentorship. A place where women can get the know-how they need, appreciation and support they deserve and but, of course, the much-needed oxygen for business namely, funds. The idea is to create a community of women who are willing to help each other grow and win.

So, ladies if you think that you have an idea that makes great sense; wait no more. Get going right away!

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