Can Drinking Coffee In The Morning Help You With Crowdfunding?

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Crowdfunding has been making waves in Southeast Asia and is able to help multiple startups coming from various industries get the funding they need to start their business ideas. There are also a good number of people who has received no-strings support from other people and will quickly restore your faith in humanity in general.

Social funding has accomplished great feats from the amounts that it is able to raise globally from all over the world to the technological advancements in products that make the marketplace a little more exciting to even helping industries reinvent themselves like the real estate and even the book publishing business where the crowd can now take part and have a direct hand on investing in projects.

Behind all these, the crowdfunding platforms, the investors and most especially the project initiators are hard at work to keep the industry alive. Among these stakeholders, the project initiators have a tough job ahead as they try to keep the campaigns relevant for the whole industry. Because of this, they are in constant pressure of coming up with the latest projects and looking for ways to get noticed.

This is a tough order especially when they do the numbers and get overwhelmed with the sheer number of campaigns out there vying for a piece of the investment pie. As they look for ways to get better, the last thing that they might look to for inspiration is that mug of coffee in their hands. But when you look at it on the perspective of social funding, it becomes more than just coffee – it can become an inspiration.

Drinking your coffee to crowdfunding success

Taking a sip of coffee in the morning will not get your project funded but it can give you valuable lessons on how you need to manage your campaign. Here are some lessons you can take up:

  • Get an early start. Drinking coffee is usually a habit done early in the morning even before you have the chance to get to work or fire up your laptop. It is one of those things that it mostly accomplished early in the morning even before you drown with all the work that needs to be done. You need to look at crowdfunding in the same light, prioritize it in the morning to help you attend to it with a clear head.

  • You need to be alert. For the majority of coffee drinkers, they take it in the morning not out of habit but because it wakes up their whole consciousness and keeps them alert on whatever comes next. You need to have the same outlook when it comes to your crowdfunding project, you need to be on your toes and be able to take in relevant data to be able to make informed decisions. But know that you need to strike a healthy balance between being quick on your feet and knee jerk reactions and decisions that can cost you down the line.

  • Find one that works for you. People have been accustomed to drinking coffee because they have been doing it almost all their lives. They wake up, get the machine running and pick it up once done. Some even pick up signature coffee on their way to work but the idea is that it is something that works for them. You need to keep working on your crowdfunding project until it becomes second nature to you. But again, never feel comfortable that you impede growth and learning.

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