Crowdfunding Your Way Into International Markets

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Crowdfunding has been slowly entering the Asian region helping startups as well as small and medium sized enterprises locate the funding they need either for business startup or operational expansion of an existing company. It has proven to be an excellent alternative to traditional lenders in gathering financial support from the crowd themselves.

This has been one of the reasons why CoAssets presented the East Java Province Investing, Crowdfunding & Conference in Surabaya Indonesia which was a huge success. The expo gathered multiple stakeholders from various industries to try and share some insights and even match investors with opportunity providers from all over the region.

This is what Mujiati, the founder of Sambal Cuk Surabaya, was hoping for when she attended the expo. Mujiati has been connected in the private sector for a little under three decades specializing in marketing women’s products. But the point came that she wanted to do something different and ventured into a little more closer to her heart.

Following your passion

sambalMujiati decided to retire from the corporate world and enter the culinary business selling something she knew very well – preparing chili sauce. She started preparing this delicacy and selling them off to her immediate circle and group of friends. The reception was great and a lot more people started asking her about it.

She had to come up with ways to package the product in a way that would make it more enticing for other potential customers to eat. She decided to have them packaged ready to eat by the buying public. It then got great traction on the market and a lot more people started asking about it. Product marketing organically generated from her existing client’s word of mouth.

Moving up to a bigger stage

Mujiati then decided to enter her product in a competition and she was able to bag the top prize. This resulted to an even more bigger customer base. She had to invest on industrial grade machines that would allow her to meet her current and expected demand in the food industry. She is poised for a bigger market share.

Crowdfunding for other markets

Mujiati’s dream is to be known across Indonesia and the global stage. But one thing she is trying to take away from EPIC Surabaya, with CoAssets help is to be able to penetrate the Malaysian market. Having a lot of similarities with the culture as well as the palate for food, she believes that Sambal Cuk Surabaya would perform pretty good in that market.

Crowdfunding can help startups as well as existing businesses raise the funds they need to start or expand their business. It can also pave the way for businesses to be able to set foot and conquer markets outside their comfort zone. This can put the business on a much bigger radar and exponentially increase the market reach of the business.

To learn more about EPIC Surabaya and how Mujiati plans to use the crowdfunding industry to benefit her business, click the video above.

Stay tuned to Crowdfunders.Asia as we will be bringing you more updates on Expo for Property, Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) in Singapore in June 2016.

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