Carefree Attitude Of People Leads To An Idea That Needs Crowdfunding Support

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CoAssets capped of a very much successful EPIC Surabaya which stands for East Java Province Investing, Crowdfunding & Conference. Held at the ritzy J.W. Marriott Hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia, participants from speakers, investors, opportunity providers, booth exhibitors and social funding project initiators all had great takeaways from the event.

Investment and crowdfunding co-exists and mutually complement each other in the business sector. Investments increase with the help of crowdfunding and give people the roadmap to their very own financial freedom. Crowdfunding, on the other hand, helps more people to either be a part of those that are willing to invest and back up a startup or get access on investments to put up a business which is exactly what Albert Dede Kusuma is looking for.

Albert founded the company, Can8, which is a digital business solution that will ultimately put out an online supermarket for its target consumers. It aims to deliver quality fruits and vegetables that can come all the way from plantations in Malang Indonesia which is the second largest city in East Java and boasts of quality items.

Crowdfunding can fuel the business

I think there is a lot of potential in Indonesia even for SMEs alone,” said Albert when asked how he believes crowdfunding can figure in the business sector especially with startups. It is no secret that one of the earliest struggles of up and coming business ideas is to put together the initial capital that they need to start the business.

He also believes that with the demand and the opportunity to fund, Indonesia is ready for crowdfunding. This would be a great tool and an outlet for technologically inclined startups to raise the money that they need to put an idea into production and start offering their services to mainstream market. Without the money, product development can take a backseat.

Inspiration for the business model

Albert said that the idea for the application to deliver grocery food to consumers actually came about from young families who are lazy to go to the wet market and buy their own groceries. It is also possible that because of the fast paced world, they simply are just too tired and not have enough time for their own grocery shopping.

CoAssets event learnings

Albert also said “I learned a lot about crowdfunding which I am clueless about.” This goes hand in hand with one of the main objectives of EPIC Surabaya which is to promote the concept of crowdfunding among stakeholders especially to those that are hearing about it for the first time. This is a start and can hopefully turn those in need to crowdfunding project initiators.

He said that he was also able to get some much needed business connections who can turn into potential clients for his business. He was also able to talk to other booth exhibitors as well as the expo audience that came to participate in the event.

Albert shared that he plans to develop the business by his own and raise the funds that he needs to put it into development. But sadly, if he does not get the backing that he needs, he might just sell the system to companies that would have a business need for it.

If you want to learn more about how CoAssets was able to use EPIC Surabaya in helping startup businesses with funding options, click the video above to listen to the full interview.

Stay tuned to Crowdfunders.Asia as we will be bringing you more updates on Expo for Property, Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) in Singapore in June 2016.


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