Get Started With Crowdfunding Using Virtual CoAssets Tokens And Get Real Returns

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Crowdfunding has been one of the prime movers and shakers of the business and financial industry in Asia and in the world. Global social funding numbers indicate that in 2014 alone, it expanded into a phenomenal growth of about 167% from previous year topping up with almost $16.2 billion raised for multiple projects and campaigns. The projections for 2015 was at 100% growth at $34.4 billion money raised from all over. These numbers show how the crowdfunding space is starting to change the landscape for business and investment sectors.

This is where CoAssets can come in with its CoAssets Tokens or CAT campaign. The company is a league leader in crowdfunding space and is more in tune with all stakeholders of the industry. One concern that they have noted from all the successful projects they have put up is that there are still a good number of people who has reservations with the industry.

There are some who are intimidated by the technology while the others are still weighing their risk appetite for such investments because they are afraid of losing money. This is where the CAT comes in because these are virtual tokens that allow a registered user to grow REAL RETURNS without the fear of losing any funds.

The aim of the campaign is to let new users to begin their crowd funding investment journey with CoAssets without taking on any risk. There is no other business model in the world that would let investors enjoy returns without any fear for loss in funds.

These 1000 virtual tokens can be used to invest in crowdfunding projects and campaigns that are currently running on the CoAssets platform. There are specific projects that accept CAT as a form of investing in the project and at maturity – yield real money! This means that the investor can withdraw real money on projects they invested in once the deal matures. This is an innovative way for beginners to familiarize themselves with the process and be able to manage their own expectations along the way.

The CAT campaign will run on a limited time where registration starts February 1, 2016 and ends February 23, 2016. Once the investors become a registered user, they can look for projects that accept CAT during the investment period. The investment period is from February 8, 2016 to February 29, 2016. They can use their  1000 virtual CoAssets Token and look for CAT exclusive projects that they want to back up and support. Once the deal matures and they earn money along the way, they receive real money that they can take out.

Any investor who has a CoAssets account or will sign up is eligible to have the 1000 CAT that they can use to fund specific projects being hosted on the CoAssets platform. This campaign is part of Chinese New Year promotion and also their way of saying 恭禧發財. 

If you want to take part in the growing industry of crowdfunding space with CoAssets, Asia’s first-listed crowdfunding platformsign up now at and redeem your CoAssets Tokens to start your investment journey and get REAL RETURNS now.


This article is written by the Crowdfunders Editorial Team. In Asia, Crowdfunders.Asia is a leading portal on providing news related to crowdfunding, start-up, property and business. It is operated by CoAssets is South East Asia’s first listed and largest real estate crowdfunding platform. If you have any Crowdfunding news or stories to share, please email [email protected]


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