Crowdfunding campaign raises over $20k for Brampton family who lost home to fire

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TORONTO – A Brampton man says his family has seen “nothing but positivity” after losing their home in a fire earlier this month. Emmanuel Teji lived with his mother and sister at 9 Darras Court until a massive blaze ripped through the townhouse complex on December 12, displacing eight families and destroying homes. Teji’s mother Parveen Thaper was unable to afford home insurance, so the family wasn’t covered for its losses. Standing outside the wreckage of their home the next day, Teji and his sister started a GoFundMe campaign, typing on his phone and taking turns to keep their fingers warm, he said. In just over a week, the campaign has raised over $22,000, surpassing its $20,000 goal with donations from friends and strangers alike.

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