Mobile Applications Puts Crowdfunding In The Hands Of People

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Technology has been a great pillar of crowdfunding and it has been a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. Crowdfunding gets to enjoy the technological advancements and bring the platform ever closer to its stakeholder. Technology, on the other hand, gets to have an avenue to improve its products and be able to improve the lives of people.

One of the things that crowdfunding and technology have been thankful for is the entry of mobile apps into the market. Companies and developers know that mobile apps are the next big thing in technology because of the way people have been consuming gadgets and product innovations on a daily basis in their lives.

In the past, desktops ruled the technology game but when 2014 came around, the number of people who had desktops were already the same number of people who had smartphones. Add the fact the after 2014, people were accessing the internet more and more using their smartphones than their desktops at home.

Crowdfunding and mobile apps

There is a forecast of over 220,000 mobile app downloads for the year 2016 which is bigger than last year and a number that will only seem to grow in the coming years. Here are some of the reasons why crowdfunding platforms are starting to take notice and use mobile apps to their advantage.

  • It puts the power in the hands of people. Crowdfunding already has the distinction that the power to put a project over to the next level are in the hands of people – investors and donors alike. What mobile applications accomplish is that it literally puts that power in the hands of investors and donors because they always carry their smartphones with them. Donating or investing on a project is a lot simpler and faster than ever before.
  • It is something they carry around. People and consumers nowadays are living on a fast paced world and that requires them to be able to have everything they have at the palm of their hands. But they do not carry books, presentations, contact books, photo albums and even camera units with them wherever they go. All these can fit in their smartphones as it is one of the most versatile pieces of technology out there. In fact, a lot of people cannot leave home without it and considers it already as a part of their daily lives.
  • Everything is there. Smartphones are able to instantly connect you to the rest of the world. That is still the main pull of these gadgets but there are a lot more that it can do than just call and send an SMS. It can surf the web, approve a deal, take a photo and even help the carrier contribute to a crowdfunding project with just a few taps on the screen of their phones. They can even call up a friend and ask what they think about the project and even conduct due diligence and research about a particular campaign just by using their smartphones.

Crowdfunding platforms are reaching out to individual donors and investors by literally holding their hands in the process. Mobile apps have allowed them to be ever closer to their target market and make the industry a little more within reach of people.



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