Islamic Crowdfunding: Way to go

Crowd Funding Concept.
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(MENAFN РThe Arabian Post) Islamic Crowdfunding has the potential to help us change our world for the better. When an online community unites and pools resources, this community has the financial and social clout and capability to create and re-create multiple aspects of the world and directly impact society. Crowdfunding itself started and blossomed in the West initially amongst groups of like-minded individuals wanting to create something. In its infant years, crowdfunding was a fundraising tool for supporters of musical or arts projects, until Kickstarter and Indiegogo, two pioneering platforms, went viral and kicked off this global revolution. Last year, these two platforms crowdfunded a total of more than US1billion! A recent report by Massolution projects this fast-growing industry to hit a whopping US35billion globally in 2015.

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